Behind The Scenes Video, Images Show Lee Min Ho's affection for Kim Go Eun During TKEM shoot

Here is how Lee Min Ho showed his affection towards Kim Go Eun in behind the scenes videos from the sets of The King: Eternal Monarch.

Lee Min Ho Kim Go Eun
Videograb from behind the scenes of the sets of The King: Eternal Monarch drama. Twitter

The final episode of Lee Min Ho Kim Go Eun starrer The King: Eternal Monarch was aired on June 12. But fans can't accept the fact yet and are trending the drama number 1 on Twitter. They are busy posting behind the scenes pictures and images that were taken during the filming of the drama. They can't stop talking about the affection Lee Min Ho showed towards Kim Go Eun on the sets of the series.

Especially the video where the last scene was shot is making rounds on social media. As soon as the last cut was announced, Kim Go Eun is seen reaching out to Lee Min Ho's shoulders as the actor holds Go Eun affectionately.

After the wrap-up, Lee Min Ho is seen giving a bouquet to one of the crew members and Kim Go Eun. He is seen patting Go Eun's head as she looks emotional and teary-eyed after the last scene was shot. Lee Min Ho is heard saying: "Oh... are you crying, don't cry!"

The Emotional Pat

Fans are digging up behind the scenes photos and videos, especially the scenes involving Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. In many of the videos, Lee Min Ho is seen patting Kim Go Eun affectionately.

The drama had to face a number of controversies including imitation of the Japanese kingdom's imperial logo and use of a pagoda that looked like Japanese architecture. The controversies did not stop there. One scene where Lee Min Ho was seen wearing the royal robe was criticized as the crown he was wearing looked like it was from the Silla Dynasty, whereas the robe was from the Jeoson Dynasty. Another controversy was about the Japanese ship used in one of the scenes that looked like a Korean ship, making it look like Korea was fighting against Korea.

The production team responded to all the queries and clarified its stand. Director Baek Sang Hoon even apologized for missing the detail in the ship encounter scene.

Lee Min Ho's Growing Popularity

It looks like the controversies affected the drama as the rating was not as high as expected, but Lee Min Ho's popularity zoomed as his Instagram followers increased from 12 million to over 16.6 million fans.

In the same way, Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun's chemistry in the drama is being praised as writer Kim Eun Sook made both the lead characters love each other unconditionally as they remained true to themselves. This makes Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun's chemistry and affection look totally convincing.

Was Lee Gon affectionate towards Jeong Tae Eul or Lee Min Ho towards Kim Go Eun, only the respective actors can tell. Till then, watch these behind the scenes videos.