Behind-the-scenes reveal how close Park Bo Young is to Park Hyung Sik [WATCH]

Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik appear very comfortable with each other while filming a kiss scene for 'Strong Woman do Bong Soon.'

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Actors Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young. Drama

There is no doubt that 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' leads Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik have become the favourite on-screen couple for Hallyu fans across Asia. Their chemistry on the JTBC drama was undeniably strong, leading numerous fans to ship them. A video from the set of the drama revealed that they are quite close off-screen as well.

Website Koreaboo points to a video released by JTBC on its official Youtube channel, which shows behind-the-scenes moments of Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik filming a kiss scene. The co-stars appear very comfortable with each other and look cute bickering with each other over who has drawn a better heart shape on the sands of the beach, where they are filming the kiss.

Even though the crew members say Park Hyung-sik can draw perfect heart shapes, Park Bo-young, who plays the superhuman Do Bong-soon, is seen teasing him saying that Hyung-sik's hearts are not of proper shape. The 'Hwarang' actor becomes angry to which a crew member assures him he is drawing the hearts just fine and it is Park Bo-young who should try to draw hearts as good as Hyung-sik does. Park Bo-young is also seen telling Hyung-sik that he can't count well. The director is seen reminding them that they are adults, not school children.

Hilariously, Park Bo-young appears careless and walks all-over Hyung-sik's carefully drawn heart on the sands. To this, Hyung-sik first asks her to keep her distance from his heart-drawing. When she walks over the heart again, probably deliberately, Hyung-sik calls her a 'dummy!'

Hyung-sik is also seen lovingly brushing-off sand from Bo-young's hair. She pretends to not pay attention to this gesture and instead asks what they should do about the heart drawing which has been mistakenly stepped on. She jokingly suggests that they should just kiss already, throwing the stick forcefully on the ground. Hyung-sik does the same and they both laugh. She is also seen complaining that Park Hyung-sik is too tall for her to kiss.

The two actors then play with the waves, splashing water on each other. Once they are done filming another take of the kiss, they are seen holding hands while returning to the other crew members. It appears that filming is over for the day, when some off-screen crew member jokingly asks them "Should we do it again?" referring to the kiss scene. Park Hyung-sik gets the joke, but Bo-young and another female crew member appear perplexed for a moment, but the actress starts laughing too and says "No! No!"

There are rumours making the rounds across social media that the two might be dating. But so far, there is no confirmation regarding the same. The two actors are probably very good friends, nothing more. However, they appear so comfortable with each other that fans want the two to become a real-life couple.

The director of the drama, Lee Hyung-min also thanked the two for their amazing chemistry and professionalism. Even though the drama ended this April 15, its popularity refuses to dilute, thanks to the passionate performances of Bo-young and Hyung-sik.

Watch the clip from JTBC below.

This article was first published on April 19, 2017