Bees In Ukraine Fight Against Putin's Soldiers; Diffuse Dozens of Grenades Left By Russian Invaders, Here's How

Bees in Ukraine are appeared to helping their country at the time of war with Russia. Bees were involved in diffusing bombs that were left by Russian invaders in Ukraine, according to wildlife charity UAnimals.

They have shared two pictures that show that bees were neutralizing explosives in their country and making Ukraine safer.

Bees in Ukraine diffuse dozens of grenades left by Russian invaders
Bees in Ukraine diffuse dozens of grenades left by Russian invaders Twitter

Bees Diffused Dozens of Grenades Left By Russian Invaders

In the first, the grenades appeared in a beehive coated in some form of substance and attached to several wires. The second showed someone holding one of the grenades, taped up and pinned to prevent it from going off, according to Daily Star.

So far the charity has not clarified where in Ukraine the incident took place. But it's believed that the area was previously captured by Russian invaders.

Sticky Substance Had Jammed Igniters of Explosives

The occupiers had left the explosives in the beehive structure but a sticky substance had jammed the igniters of the explosives and finally, it prevented the blast from taking place. Reports claimed that it became possible because bees were at hard work to produce honey.

"Bee honey saves us from explosions. These bees took care of the safety of their hive and the people who would remove its cover in advance. Therefore, for half a year, the igniters of the grenades left there by the Russian occupiers were filled with honey - and they did not explode," said UAnimals.

Ukrainian are happy with the incident with some saying even bees are against Russian soldiers. "Even our bees are wiser than Russia," commented a user on Facebook.

Apart from bees, pigs as well as pet cats and dogs have also been seen acting against the Russian invaders. Cats and dogs were filmed dining out of the dead bodies of fallen invaders.

The clips were shared on the infamous Cargo 200 Telegram Channel, where Ukrainians routinely post gory images of Russian invaders to strike fear into their enemies hearts, according to Daily Star.