BeeRemote Brings Physical Solution to Remote, Hybrid Work


Hybrid and remote work models continue to rise in popularity globally as companies realize the efficiency and effectiveness of such a structure. As more organizations embrace the positive aspects of work location flexibility, some concerns remain about the disconnect felt among those who work from home full-time or partially.

A start-up platform is working to break down that barrier by giving telecommuting coworkers, no matter where they are in the world, an office to go to and a place to be together.

The BeeRemote platform goes beyond web-based workflows, zoom calls and instant messaging to keep firms connected. Instead, the company offers thousands of on-demand physical office spaces in more than 1,000 cities worldwide where employees can work, organize and attend conference meetings, and, when isolation sets in, hang out together after hours.

"Technology has enabled start-ups to build their business with the best talent from every corner of the world. Unfortunately, the distance between headquarters and the employee presents challenges developing a healthy work-life balance and sustainable engagement," said Gabriel Nimrod, CEO & Co-founder of BeeRemote. "With remote and hybrid work models in place, we saw a need to supplement that work flexibility with a way for employees to stay connected face-to-face and have access to the resources they need in a more structured way."

The goal, Gabriel said, is to establish an as-needed office or workspace within a five- to 10-minute walk for every employee, regardless of where they are in the world at any time. He noted that not only does the platform provide an opportunity for an employee to break away from the home office where distractions and procrastination can creep in, but it also allows the chance for more intra-organizational networking.

"Sometimes, companies have employees in the same city and those employees have never even met because they were hired as remote employees and never spent time in an office together," Gabriel shared. "This gives those employees a chance to put a name with a face and sit down to brainstorm or share ideas and resources. It promotes teamwork and maybe even fosters friendships outside of work."

Ushered in with the Information Age and further pushed following the global coronavirus pandemic, remote work has become commonplace for most industries, allowing employees and employers to reap the benefits. Psychologists, however, have long encouraged companies to find ways to improve engagement. Timothy Golden, an industrial psychologist, said in an American Psychological Association article that staying connected is crucial. He noted that while remote workers enjoy benefits like no commute and lesser childcare costs, "telecommuters need to provide a social and professional support system to each other so that the social fabric that occurs in the corporate workplace is replicated as much as possible when working remotely."

BeeRemote also offers solutions for companies that are looking for a more hybrid workflow, allowing them to seek out office space or working hub on a recurring basis to balance a work-from-home structure. Gabriel said the platform is equipped with experts who can work with companies for individual employee's needs. The easy-to-use app has already been embraced with leading companies in a variety of industries including home renovation and design firm houzz and data technology company Prisma.

"For employers looking to support their hybrid teams, the platform enables them to have office space without the extra cost to the business," Gabriel explained, noting most companies can see up to a 60% reduction in real estate costs. "Once a company has an agreement with BeeRemote, they pay once a month for the office space they have used. They don't have to worry about leases or furnishing offices or utility bills. Yet, they still have the convenience of an office. It is like bringing the office to their distributed teams in a much more cost-effective manner."

Officials from companies who are using BeeRemote report that employees are happier and appear more fulfilled in their work as remote or hybrid employees. As a result, there has been a lower turnover rate further driving down costs for the company.

As the start-up continues to grow and acquire more partnerships for office and workspaces, Gabriel shared companies have the added convenience of selecting based on current needs, and then changing workspace locations as the company's workforce changes. This helps drive innovation, increase productivity and ensure that talent pools remain expansive.

"From Singapore to San Francisco and from Tokyo to Brazil, this platform really does revolutionize the remote and hybrid structure," Gabriel added. "Our hope is that we can improve the work process for companies already structured with remote and hybrid employees and encourage those who have been on the fence about a flexible workforce to step into the future of business."