Become an MVP in the Sport of Money with Richard Dolan

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Richard Dolan

"What's the secret to financial success?" Such a question is often pondered by entrepreneur's just as much as regular everyday men striving for financial security. The answers to this question are almost as numerous as the people who ask it. Ask any business person who has found a degree of success, and they will undoubtedly offer some of their own tips or methods that worked to bring them where they are today. Of course, circumstances, and thus the mileage of such advice, will always vary.

For Richard Dolan, it helps to think of gaining money more like a game that can be studied, planned for, and won with the right game plan. He calls this perspective the 'sport of money.' To win, Richard says, "You need to emulate those that crush the game. So study them, codify them, and put into action the things you've learned."

Quite appropriately, Richard's journey as a wealth merchant specializing in bringing financial life education, solutions and possibility to his clients with power, grace and ease is also a real estate investor, performance coach, author, and researcher has seen him advise and interact with some of the biggest names in the sports industry. I've received two championship rings working with the heat during their back to back wins. Richard has provided strategic thinking and direction to icons, legends and thought leaders including professional athletes, actors and musicians.

At the same time, Richard has also advised some of the world's biggest companies and market leaders in their own right with regards to finance and performance. Among such names include tech giant Google; leading cognac manufacturer Rémy Martin; and automobile companies Bentley Motors, Pagani Automobili, and Rolls Royce. The latter company has even credited Richard and the significance of his consultancy contributions for improving their firm's culture and performance.

As a performance and finance consultant, Richard's reputation is rooted in his past illustrious careers in wealth management and real estate investment. Hailing from a background of a broken home in the lower-middle-income bracket, Richard's story is one that is genuinely rags-to-riches and taught him much of the wisdom that he readily shares today.

After being left without a home at age 16 due to family issues, Richard sought fortune from an early age as an entrepreneur. Motivated to be more than just a statistic and go beyond what is expected from someone of his circumstances, Richard found great success based on his drive and his natural talent for finance. By 1998, at the age of 23, he had co-founded his own asset management company Infinity Mutual Funds, which attracted over $1 billion in assets in a span of just one year and later sold it for $144 million. By 2011, he moved on to dabble in real estate, becoming the president and partner to one of North America's most prominent real estate investment network groups, worth over $5 billion. He sold his share to this business by 2019 to focus on his own endeavors.

Richard's 30 years of consulting for various lower-middle-class industries have taught him that his performance-based mindset and approach work as much for finance as any other venture. Today, he has established his own private boutique firm LEGACY in the hopes of teaching his unique "urban financial philosophy" to a new generation of entrepreneurs. For the thousands following Richard's advice, his techniques of personal financial restoration, reinvention, and recalibration have resulted in miraculous results for the quality and performance of their financial lives. With himself as the first successful prototype of living a "Great Financial Life," Richard hopes to create a million millionaires by 2030.

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' secret to financial success. With LEGACY, however, Richard Dolan promises to help you find the secrets that will work for you.

This article was first published on December 7, 2020