Beauty Travels 24 Shares What to Know When Planning a Health Tourism Trip

Health Tourism Trip

For those planning to go on a health tourism trip, Beauty Travels 24 offers a trustworthy and comprehensive range of services that will delight and comfort you. This agency can organize the client's health trip from the airport and transfer to the appointed clinic. Even hotel booking is taken care of by them. The team prioritizes their client's satisfaction and supports them before, during, and after the treatment.

What makes Beauty Travels 24 the ideal health tourism agency is its competent doctors and respectful staff that guarantees first-class services. The company has gone through and passed the TUV screening in both its Germany and Turkey offices since 2012. This certification is crucial for those aiming to go on a health tourism trip because clinics that can't prove their doctor's qualification may put patients at risk.

Requirements for Health Tourism Trips

When planning to go on a health tourism trip, there are safety and legal details that patients should be aware of. The legal registration of the agency should also be based in a particular country, like Germany in this case, so that if any organizational problems occur, the German law can cover them.

If the clinic cannot prove their doctors' qualifications (e.g., on the website or in a personal consultation), this probably means that their personnel changes too much.

Another essential point for all operations is having any surgery within a clinic which is located inside a hospital in order to be able to intervene immediately in case of an unwanted circumstance.

Hair Transplantation

For a complex procedure as hair transplantation, the patient must first consider the clinic's qualifications and the experience of the doctors. The agency must have a TUV certification like Beauty Travels 24 to guarantee the quality of its services. The clinic should also have a room specialized for hair transplant surgery.

Before the treatment, the patient will have to go through a preliminary examination and be informed about which shampoo they should use and how they should wash their hair after treatment. Manual hair transplant and DHI hair transplant are used by experienced and expert doctors in the health clinics preferred by Beauty Travels 24. There is no need for an incision in the DHI hair transplant method. Because of this, there is no scar after transplantation. Manual hair transplantation method results in a more natural appearance. The method of hair transplantation varies according to the patient's hair analysis, the patient's wishes, and the doctor's opinions.

After the transplantation, they must be under 24-hour medical observation and only stay inside the clinic overnight to eliminate risks of infection.

Plastic Surgery

The patient must know every essential information they should know regarding the operation. The implants must be from trusted brands that are renowned for the quality of their products. Polytech, Motiva, Mentor, and chip breast implants are used in the health clinics preferred by Beauty Travels 24. The assurance is provided in these quality and trusted implants. Mentor, one of these brands, has more than 500 different implants. Therefore, the desired result can always be achieved.

Also the doctors should be eligible and experienced to perform plastic surgery. The patient should check the qualifications of the doctors before considering their services.

Regardless of the surgical treatments the patients choose to get on their health tourism trip, they must first cross-check the experience and expertise of the doctor who will operate them. Patients must prepare their medical history and be honest about their pre-existing health conditions to get the best treatment.

Laser Eye Surgery

As with every medical procedure, a patient for laser eye surgery should know as much essential information about the operation as possible. This does not only apply to the treatment alone but also to the clinic where they will have the surgery done. The clinic should offer 24-hour emergency service and allow overnight stays when necessary.

The location of the hotel where the patient will stay after the treatment must be considered as well. A place that is close to the clinic has to be booked for staying. This is to ensure that in the case of an emergency the commute time is not long to reach the clinic.