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Former Miss Arizona USA contestant, Krystin Sorich Lisaius, has been slapped with child abuse charges after she breastfed her four-month-old baby following cocaine intake. Moreover, traces of the drug were found in the baby's system.

It was reported that Krystin, along with her husband and a friend, inhaled cocaine at a get together on 14 May night and breastfed her daughter just 12 hours later. The child became lethargic, unresponsive and "very difficult to wake" after she ingested cocaine through her mother's breast milk. The child was immediately rushed Oro Valley Hospital.

The parents, however, did not want the doctors to draw blood from the baby and left the hospital in spite of repeated request from the staff. They admitted the baby to another hospital where it was confirmed that she was affected by cocaine via a urine test.

Following the incident, police took the couple into custody. During questioning, the 26-year-old mother initially denied doing any cocaine or having any knowledge how the child was exposed to the drug. Later she admitted that "she didn't think the baby would be affected after approximately 12 hours," reported The Cosmopolitan. A raid was conducted in their house and officials found 1.59 grams of the drug and a scale. The couple was arrested thereafter.

The website also reported that the couple has been charged with child abuse, possession of a dangerous drug, and drug paraphernalia. However, both the parents have pleaded not guilty in the court.