Beauty blogger and model Alva Jay unfolds her secret on earning massive success over the internet

Alva Jay

Discipline is an important virtue for any person to live a successful life. The changes you make in your day to day life reflects on your lifestyle. In simple words, it is your habits that can make you or break you. With sheer dedication and commitment, Alva Jay did an unbelievable transformation and has been doing rounds on the internet for her breathtaking and sensual posts. If you are wondering who Alva Jay is, she is a beauty blogger and a fitness enthusiast who brought a significant change from being a fat woman to a fit chic. Always captivating the attention of the audience over the web, Alva has often raised everyone's eyebrows with her bold content.

Dealing with bodyweight issues in the past, the blogger stated how she always struggled with her confidence. "Everyone has their fair share of struggles. It is only how you overcome those fears. All you have to do is stay dedicated to your goals and keep working for them. Giving up is not an option, neither not trying is", says Alva. The hot-toned physique that she has built today is a result of the efforts that she has put in for years. It was in 2017 she lost almost 30 lbs and she feels that it is all about the mindset. "The way you train your mind depicts how you want to live your life in the future.

Simultaneously with working on her body, the model also made her debut on social media. In the early stages, she used Tumblr and gradually went on to explore other social media platforms. When asked how she became a successful name over the digital domain, she said, "It was the love of the people that motivated me to keep going. Once you know how to inspire people with your work, it becomes a ritual to bring a change in their lives. I have always wanted women to live an independent life and not get bound by what people have to say."

The beauty blogger in her excellent career has rightly made her presence across all social media platforms. On Snapchat, she has created bold content for her fans that has gone berserk with more than a million views. Not only this, Alva has even been making waves on the adult-subscription platform FanCentro that has helped her earn millions. As far as her successful journey goes, Alva Jay says that if she would have thought of people's opinion, then she would have not reached where she is today. While concluding, she revealed that one must always follow their heart and not get affected by what the people have to say.