Beautiful Mind actors yet to recieve payment: Production company points fingers at KBS

Jang Hyuk & Park So Damm were the lead stars of KBS drama, Beautiful Mind

Mystery drama, Beautiful Mind is over, however, the cast is still waiting to equalize their bank balances. As per media reports, broadcasting channel KBS is delaying their emolument which in turn is pushing back the actor's payments.

On 20 September, the production house of the drama affirmed to have paid the dues of first eight episodes, but are waiting for the channel's compensation to adjust the following six telecasts. A representative from Raemongraein told OSEN: "Because the drama aired before we signed a contract with KBS, we disbursed what payment we could to the actors and staff. We have disbursed payments for the first eight episodes, and we have yet to make payments for the remaining six episodes."

However, the official clarified the company's intention to disburse the payment once negotiations with KBS is over. Giving out further details into the contract, the staffer added: "The production company paid 70% of the production expense. But we have not received a single Won (₩) from KBS. We are currently negotiating with KBS regarding the contract. Once the contract is drawn up, then we will definitely disburse the remaining payments."

South Korean television series, Beautiful Mind, starring Jang Hyuk, Park So-dam, Yoon Hyun-min and Park Se-Young aired its last episode on 2 August.