Having sleep problems? DreamLife smart bed takes care of your room environment

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Sleepace, a start-up based in Shenzen, China, introduced a smart bedroom solution at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that will change the way people sleep and wake up. DreamLife can be integrated into mattresses or pillows to keep tabs on one's sleep data and controls other smart home devices to transform a bedroom into an environment that is more conducive to sleep lifestyle.

When a person begins to lie down on an intelligent mattress or pillow, it also starts to recognise when a user falls asleep. Other smart home devices connected to the mattress or pillow, such as the curtain, lights and TV, will prompt them to shut down or turn off.

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As the user falls asleep, the DreamLife module monitors the room's environment and the user's sleep and adjusts the temperature and humidity to give the user the best possible atmosphere. When morning comes, it will be able to recognise the lightest point of sleep and as a result, the alarm kicks in, the lights turn on, the curtains open and starts to brew coffee.

Sleepace is working with multiple companies to materialise DreamLife, including Huawei, A.H. BEARD, Advanced Sleep Technologies, Tuya and askona.

"The smart home technology revolution continues with specialist solutions like DreamLife adapted to mattresses and bedding. As the positive impact of good sleep becomes better understood, sleep monitoring will become mainstream," says David Huang, chief executive of Sleepace., predicting that "the number of people who use sleep technology will double in 2018, with smart mattresses and pillows integrated with other smart home technology in 20% of households by 2025."

This article was first published on January 11, 2018