Bay Area worst victim, 30 US cities will be flooded soon due to sea level rise

  • NBC show 'We Investigate: Sea Level Rise' revealed that life in the Bay Area will be different than what it's today

  • New York, New Jersey, Florida living under constant threat but still expanding with high rise buildings

  • Like Indonesia's capital shift, New York and Bay Area need to shift to inwards

While the planet earth is warming faster than previously thought with the rising temperature, the world's ice is melting and sea level has been rising. Recently Antarctica has recorded nearly 64.9 degree Fahrenheit, which is a new temperature record on the continent.

Pine Island Glacier, which is one of the fastest-shrinking glaciers in the continent, has just lost another huge chunk of iceberg twice the size of Washington DC and scientists have detected warm water under Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier, which is also known as Doomsday Glacier since it is another fastest melting glacier.

As Greenland and Antarctica icebergs are melting at record rates, scientists estimated that the sea level could rise two to seven feet by the end of the 21st century. As per a theory, if Antarctica loses 90 percent of its ice, then it will cause the global sea level to rise by 200 feet.

Climate change
(A) Gradient −dSNY/dH (in 10−3 μm/m per km2) of sea level in New York (SNY) with respect to ice thickness (H) changes in glaciated areas. The gradient units reflect a measure of SLR change (in μm) per unit of ice thickness change (in m) per area unit of ice (in km2), which is equivalent to SLR change (in mm) per unit change in ice mass (in GT).

Global sea-level rise

Even though such catastrophe can take place in the distant future, scientists and many environmentalists are trying to find a solution as soon as possible, as there are many cities around the world that are living under the threat of flooding.

While the South-East Asian country, Indonesia, has decided to change its capital Jakarta to the province of East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, in view of its tag as one of the fastest sinking cities in the world, over 600 million people are found to be under serious threat of flooding due to the imminent sea level rise.

UCSUSA report

Recent studies claimed that 87 million people in China are living at risk lands, while in Bangladesh the number is 50 million which was previously estimated as only five million. Even for many areas in the US, recurring flooding is inevitable and imminent. As per the UCSUSA report, US coastal communities expected to face chronic and disruptive flooding before the end of the century.

Recently in a show by NBC, named "We Investigate: Sea Level Rise" it was revealed that life in the Bay Area of US will look and feel very different than what it's today, as the region is under the threat of flooding due to the sea level rise. In the video, an expert claimed, "If you do not adapt then you are going to be in trouble." As per the researchers, there are some regions in the Bay area that will soon be flooded.

List of endangered cities in US