Battle for the White House LIVE: Fox Calls Florida for Trump as Race Remains Tight

UPDATE: Trump leads in Ohio, Iowa, Georgia and Texas

As counting crosses the midway mark in major states like Ohio, Iowa, Georgia and Texas, the race is slowly tilting in favor of President Trump. The Fox Decision Desk has called Ohio, Texas and Iowa for Trump, making the path harder for Joe Biden.

Though the official tally will take longer to come and the Biden camp has not conceded any of these states, the lead levels at this point suggest that the President will hold on to all these states.

The focus will be on states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: Fox News Calls Florida for Trump

In a significant development, Fox News has declared President Trump winner in Florida, a crucial swing state. No candidate has won the White House in recent elections without winning Florida. The sunshine state has 29 electoral college votes. Fox called the state for Trump when more than 97 percent of the votes were counted. Trump was leading the state with more than 51 percent of votes at this point.

UPDATE: Florida remains interesting, Texas in play?

All eyes are on key swing states Texas and Florida. According to Decision Desk, Florida, which has got 29 electoral votes, will go to Donald Trump. However, the Associated Press has not made a call here.

Will Texas Flip?

The latest reports show that Biden may be taking narrow leads in Texas. But if these leads are reported from urban.suburban Texas, the trends could change. Rural Texans usually vote for the Republicans. All said, if Trump loses Texas, the election is over for him, while a loss here won't close Biden's path to the White House.

UPDATE: Trump is trailing Biden in electoral college votes

The Associated Press has called 85 electoral college votes for Joe Biden and 61 for Trump.

In another crucial update, Biden and Trump are in dead heat in the key swing state of Florida, which they must carry if they want to claim the White House.

Florida, which Trump won in 2016, has 29 electoral college votes. According to the NY Post, with more than 80 percent of precincts reporting Biden and Trump are tied.

UPDATE: Early projections give West Virginia as well to Trump. This was a state he won in 2016 as well.

Meanwhile, the trends show that Biden is poised to capture Virginia apart from Vermont.

The current tally in the race for 270 stands at 24 electoral votes to 16 for Biden. A candidate should capture 270 electoral votes to reach the White House.

President Donald Trump has taken significant early leads in Indian and Kentucky where polls have closed and the counting started.

In the race for 270 electoral college votes, these projections put Trump ahead of Biden, though Indiana and Kentucky are traditionally Republican-leaning states.

In Indiana, with 19 percent votes counted, Trump is leading Biden 53 percent against 42 percent, according to the Associated Press.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Twitter

Kentucky has also returned a similar early result. With 18 percent of the votes counted, Trump is ahead of Biden 56 to 41 percent.

Biden Wins Vermont

US channels have called Vermont for Biden. Though only 4 percent of the votes have been counted, Biden has collected more than 70 percent of the votes against 25 percent for Trump.

Meanwhile, as the polls closed across the country, President Trump exuded confidence.



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