Bastiano Ferrari and the Golden Globes

Bastiano Ferrari

The celebratory Golden Globes Awards have always been a highlight in Hollywood's busy calendar, setting the stage for outstanding achievements in film, television and music industry. This prestigious event not only honours excellence in the entertainment industry but is also a marque occasion for glamour and sophistication.

In the recent few years, Bastiano has quickly climbed the ranks as one of Hollywood's icons. This made celebrities, billionaires and known personalities rush to attend events he hosts. It started when he hosted mansion events for big movies, premiers and entertainment events, which gained a lot of popularity. His parties were so exclusive that they were announced less than 24 hours before the event, and access was so strict that known personalities were not granted access.

The Affinity Group, a recognized authority in event planning, has extended an exclusive invitation to Hollywood's actor and producer, Bastiano Ferrari, to host the official Young Hollywood Golden Globes After Party. This is unlike his usual mansion parties, and is held at a large commercial venue, the Academy Hollywood. The Golden Globes is one of the most sought-after gatherings, where celebrities, talents and emerging stars converge to celebrate the magic of cinema, which attests to Bastiano's rising fame in Hollywood.

This event will be dedicated to the breakout stars from the film, television and music world. This isn't the first time that Bastiano has been entrusted with hosting high-profile events within the entertainment industry. Known for curating experiences that draw the Hollywood elite and global leaders, Bastiano's events have become synonymous with star-studded names in attendance.

Securing the esteemed venue of The Academy for this After Party further amplifies the significance of this upcoming event. The Academy stands as a symbol of Hollywood's heritage and is revered for hosting events that shape the industry's narrative.