Barbara Windsor's character Peggy scheduled to return on BBC One's EastEnders as a newborn

Peggy is all set to return to EastEnders, a British soap opera broadcast on BBC One, this Christmas. Peggy's return is a tribute by the makers of the show to Barbara Windsor, who played the original character Peggy Mitchell.

The new character, Piggy, would be the great granddaughter of Windsor's character in the show. Presently, Peggy's granddaughter Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) is expecting a child with her husband Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) who is due soon. Once the baby is born, it would be christened as Piggy. Windsor joined the show in 1994 after she replaced Jo Warne as Piggy Mitchell.

Windsor left the show three years ago

After she was detected with Alzheimer's disease three years ago, Windsor left the show. Her character, known for the iconic dialogues "You're a Mitchell!" and "It's all about family!", exited the show permanently on 17th May, 2016.

Windsor, as Peggy, was an iconic character in the show. Owner of 'The Queen Victoria', the public house in the show, Peggy made the phrase 'Get outta my pub!' highly popular amongst the show's fans. Her character's journey included a series of failed relationships and marriages to Frank Butcher (Mike Reid) and Archie Mitchell( Larry lamb).

Windsor's character, Peggy Mitchell, exited the show committing suicide. Previously, her character refused to undergo treatment following the detection of Breast Cancer. Her voiceover was heard in the next episode.

Windsor is ecstatic about the new 'Peggy'

Expressing Windsor's happiness on the return of Peggy in the show, Windsor's husband, Scott Mitchell, said: "She thought what a lovely thing it is. Peggy Mitchell will live on in a family member. What a lovely tribute. It made her quite emotional and I have been reminding her each time we watch the show every night. Each time her whole face lights up.'

Talking about the degenerative brain condition of the 82-year-old actress, Scott said: "The thing that we know about dementia and Alzheimer's is that it's a progressive illness, so you know you're heading in one direction. So, yes, things progress but she still has that wonderful sense of humour, she can still laugh and have a giggle and watch telly, and we go out occasionally.'

Twists and turns being added to the plot

Keeping the show's fans on an edge, Kate Oates, the head of drama at the BBC, revealed that story line will be even more interesting around Christmas. "Sheanu is going to blow up. I think it's safe to say that's going to be pretty big at Christmas time," he said.