Bankrupt Kerry Katona Took Mom's Money to Survive; Now Earns Millions Posing Topless on OnlyFans

The former Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona's finances dried up post the Covid-19 lockdown and every collaboration she made had to be cancelled. Since March 2020, hardly a penny fell in to her bank account and the leggy feared facing bankruptcy all over again after she filed for it in 2008.

Kerry revealed that her financial situation was so bad post the lockdown, that she had to ask her mother for money just to go buy her daily needs and witnessed her world turn upside down with no work and collaborations in hand.

Kerry Katona

Luckily, she revealed that things have now changed and she's earning a fortune by signing up to the x-rated website OnlyFans and sharing her intimate pictures and videos with her subscribers for a premium price.

Kerry, along with sharing her racy topless snaps on OnlyFans, also shares pictures of her foot and has cashed in on the kinky fetish that's raging on the platform.

''If it wasn't for OnlyFans I wouldn't have had money to invest in myself and in making more companies,'' she said to the Mirror and continued, ''People are quick to say, 'she's desperate' if I get out a bit of nipple, but I've made my first million since bankruptcy and I'm so, so proud.''

Also, making her first million didn't come easy as the former singer received her share of trolls for exposing her body to make money and is constantly hounded by negative comments on Instagram whenever she posts pictures in her lingerie and ask followers to visit her OnlyFans account.

Hitting out at the trolls, the blonde beauty said that celebrities receive appreciation for doing intimate scenes in movies and also receive awards and recognition for it but when she decides to do the same, the same standard is not applied and called out on the double standards meted out to her.

''What p*sses me off is when you get Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut moaning and groaning in sex scenes. Or Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts getting their kit off. They get paid millions, they get awards. It's 'art', darling. But I get judged. I'm not showing anything more than going topless on holiday,'' she said.

Kerry now has close to 2,000 subscribers on OnlyFans who pay close to $25 a month and revealed even couples have signed up to her account to spice up their sex life.