Bank of America Treating Customers Like Al Qaeda Members, Handed Details to FBI: Tucker Carlson

Bank of America searched through their customer records and transaction details targeting people who may have been involved in the Capitol riot and handed over the information to the FBI, Tucker Carlson has said.

The Fox News host claimed that at the request of the federal authorities, Bank of America identified 211 customers who made purchases in the D.C areas on flights, restaurants and accommodation days around the riot. He accused the bank of spying on its customers sharing their personal information without their knowledge.

Tucker Carlson Fox News
Twitter / Tucker Carlson

Carlson stressed on the fact that one person who was taken to questioning by the FBI with a tip off from Bank of America, found that the person was nowhere close to the Capitol riots and had only visited D.C for personal reasons. The host went ahead by accusing the bank of treating its customers ''like a member of Al Qaeda'' by handing over their private and transnational information.

He added that after being exposed, the bank and the FBI are are now ''searching for customers who fit certain criteria'' and are threw an ''absurdly wide net'' so they can save face'' and added ''Because Bank of America did that, you are being treated like a member of Al Qaeda. What country is this?''

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The Fox News host spoke at length about how the bank is leaning towards the left by aiding the federal authorities to ''hunt for political extremists'' and argued that that's not what a bank needs to be doing. Carlson alleged that Bank of America is using customers personal details to act as an intelligence agency and are getting away with their deeds. ''Bank of America effectively is acting as an intelligence agency. But they are not telling you about it,'' he said.

He reported that the bank has illegally gone through thousands of transactions of American citizens who committed no crime and their only crime was to be in D.C on January 6 according to the FBI and Bank of America. Transaction details of both credit and debit cards, AirBnB bookings, restaurant payments were all under scrutiny after the Capitol riots.

Carlson also hit out at the FBI for calling the Capitol siege as ''domestic terrorism'' and accused them of not explaining what the term really means or who falls under that bracket. ''We're starting to believe they are not defining it for a reason,'' hinting that the federal authorities are trying to paint all Trump supporters and conservatives as domestic terrorists.