Bang Joong Hyuk defends under fire Kim Yoo Jung to hilt, says she's most polite and honest

Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum, who paired together in the movie 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds' received the Best Couple's Award at the KBS Drama Awards

Kim Yoo Jung got emotionally disturbed to such an extent that she got a shock attack on the night of 26 December. After facing a barrage of harsh attacks, she was admitted in a hospital and wasn't able to attend many end-of-the-year events due to her bad health.

But finally a co-star has stood up for her and come to her rescue. Bang Joong Hyun, who has worked closely with the actress in the movie 'Monnlight Drawn By The Clouds', lashed out at her detractors. He said judging the actress with harsh and narrow outlook was wrong and he also praised Jung saying she was one of the most polite and well mannered actresses.

Kim Yoo Jung
Kim Yoo Jung is admitted to the hospital after shock attack. Pinterest

"Child actress? Young? These labels don't fit [Kim Yoo Jung]. Kim Yoo Jung, who loves songs by Kim Hyun Sik and Jang Pil Soon. On set, she's always leaning on one leg because the other is not completely comfortable. I don't think there's any reason for her to reveal physical discomforts to the public just because she's a celebrity", the actor said, according to Dramafever.

"If the person watching is uncomfortable, than [Kim Yoo Jung] is arrogant. If the person watching is generous, than [Kim Yoo Jung] is pitiable. Out of all the younger actors I've seen, Kim Yoo Jung is the most respectful and honest. Seeing her having such a hard time is difficult. Forgive her? What kind of great sin did she commit that would beg forgiveness? It makes me mad that there is a minority trying to ruin her image because of a single photo", Hyuk added.

The actor openly expressed his discomfort at the judgemental and disparaging netizens guilty of malicious damage of Jung's public image responsible for the unfortunate shock attack that the actress suffered. Jung had missed year-ending events including the popular KBS Drama Awards. Some netizens used the opportunity to criticise the actress and called her "irresponsible" and "arrogant".

where the actress was hugely missed. "Kim Yoo Jung was unable to be with us because of health issues. Thanks to her, I'm receiving this award. I hope she gets better soon," Park Bo Gum said graciously expressing gratitude in his acceptance speech.

This article was first published on January 2, 2017