Bander Productions Partners With The Official ZeZe, Doubling the Media Powerhouse's Valuation to 2 Million Dollars

DJ Bander

Bander Productions is now valuated at 2 Million Dollars through its new partnership with The Official ZeZe. "This is an absolutely thrilling achievement for Bander Productions," shares the CEO DJ Bander. "Just a few months ago, we hit our first million. With years of experience managing a multimillion dollar commercial real estate portfolio, DJ Bander is well positioned to apply his unique skill sets to rapidly grow the media company. "I see myself as the CEO and CFO simultaneously. I'm a hands-on director who likes to be intricately involved in the numbers while making executive decisions. From client invoices to capital expenditures, it's important for me to go over every detail to feel at ease with the company's ongoing solvency and growth rate. It's a beautiful thing to see Bander Productions flourishing the way it is," says DJ Bander.

Bander Productions, a Los Angeles based company, offers a wide range of media and marketing services. "The global pandemic brought the world online, presenting many new digital media needs. We at Bander Productions are constantly evolving to stay ahead of those needs, providing our clients with various innovative services and solutions that are impact driven. It's very rare that we handle only one project for a client," shares DJ Bander.

There is no sign of Bander Productions slowing down anytime soon: "This strategic partnership is on the fast track to an 8 figure valuation," shares ZeZe. "Capitalizing Bander Productions was a power move for both entities. We now have a global reach expanding from the Far East to the Pacific Coast. Thousands of individuals and businesses will benefit from this alliance," ZeZe exclaims.

Bander Productions has built an impressive network, having over one million followers on its social pages alone. "We take pride in our expansive and diverse clientbase. Between keeping up with country codes and operating on a world clock schedule, DJ Bander and I surely have our work cut out for us, but it's work we're passionate about doing," shares ZeZe. "There's nothing more satisfying to us than leading our clients to monetization....and that's precisely why the vast majority of our clients are recurring clients. It's a win-win scenario," explains ZeZe. Understanding that growth is fundamental to success, Bander Productions continues to build its presence across the continents as it achieves great financial success.

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