Banana Culture head denies giving millions, supercars to T-ara

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The head of a Chinese entertainment agency has denied giving US$8.46 million and supercards to T-ara members.

T-ara members are being bombarded with negative news reports ever since they parted ways with MBK Entertainment last December.

The latest is that Wang Sicong of Banana Culture paid $8.46 million and supercards to T-ara members when they were still promoting.

T-ara's Hyomin, Qiri, Eunjung and Jiyeon responded by posting on Instagram about the rumor.

"Hello. This is T-ara's Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon. We don't have a company to act on our behalf, so after contemplating and gathering courage, we decided to inform you here," the four said.

Because of the reports, the four said they "personally contacted Wang Sicong (Banana Culture) through Weibo and received a formal response that the reports are false and totally groundless. We hope that the agency and all of the employees who worked hard with us since our debut will not be negatively affected by this groundless rumor."

"The four members' official position is that we hope we can continue to greet you with the name 'T-ara' and hope all of this can be peacefully resolved. Thank you for reading," they added.

Wang Sicong denied the reports saying "what the members mentioned in Weibo (9 billion won contract fee, gifting each person a supercar) is not true."

He said the news reports are fake and because the company has been affected, they are "considering exercising our legal rights."

The Banana Culture head said T-ara's contract with the agency expired last December 31 and was not renewed.

The four members of T-ara decided not to renew their contracts with MBK Entertainment when it expired.

"It's been a while since I'm greeting you all, and it's the new year. You're doing well, right? With the end of last year, we parted ways with our agency of 10 years. Don't worry though. I can't tell you any details as of now, but the members will be together in the future no matter what," announced Hyomin.

Days before the contracts' expiration, MBK Entertainment filed an application to trademark the name "T-ara."

This article was first published on January 9, 2018