Baek A-yeon has opened up about her fear for fans backlash on the internet. The 23-year-old South Korean singer revealed she does get affected by people's opinions.

During an episode of Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook, the former K-pop Star contestant, said: "I'm scared to sing. I tend to read every single comment there is, and I get hurt every time I read a negative one. I can't make myself refute the negative comment, so I just keep clicking the dislike button."

Recently, South Korean rock music singer/songwriter Younha had revealed she was the victim of online trolls. Following that she deleted her Twitter account. Younha tweeted: "I'm going to say one final thing and end it. I can't do anything about those I treasured who turned on me, but don't think lightly of the feelings that I've poured out for you. What about my personality? My mental state? If you met me, you wouldn't be able to say a single thing. Delete the "former" Younha category and just disappear."

Meanwhile, A-yeon also talked about her latest album, So So, which was released in May. She said: "I heard my voice matches well with spring. People say my voice my feels too hot for summer."