Bae Doona hints at upcoming Korean project; talks about no-makeup look for The Tunnel

Bae Doona returning to K-pop scene after six years.

Bae Doona
Bae Doona returning to K-pop scene after six years. Facebook/baeduna

Bae Doona is making a comeback to the world of Korean drama. The 36-year-old who currently features in Netflix series Sense 8, is set to play the leading lady of the mystery thriller OCN drama, tentatively titled The Voice.

During her interaction with High Cut magazine, the South Korean actress and photographer hinted about her impending Korean project. She said : "I'm planning to start filming at the end of the year. I think I get healing when working on Korean productions. I like working with a Korean staff and actors. There's a culture of our own. Korean staffs really love movies and they want to create good ones."

The Voice will mark Doona's return to the K-pop scene after six long years. She was last seen in the Korean drama, Gloria in 2010.

Meanwhile, Doona, who is best known for her critically acclaimed roles, also talked about her intense character she played in the recent hit, The Tunnel. The actress who portrayed Ha Jung Woo's wife won many hearts by showcasing her impeccably convincing acting skills in the survival drama film.

Giving some insight into her role, the actress relayed: "In 'Tunnel', Sae Hyun is a character who appears with a serious, calm face and sets the vibe while the male characters elevate the fun. So I believed that it would hinder viewers' concentration if I show up with makeup."

"I purposely made dark circles, wore no makeup, and made my hair greasy. During the first filming, the lighting director prepared a reflector to capture me as beautiful as possible but he was startled when I showed up makeup-less," Doona told the magazine.