'Bad Boys' writer Chris Bremmer confirms 'National Treasure' sequel backed by Disney

Nicholas Cage, alongside producer Bruckheimer, set to return for a third outing in the action-adventure franchise as fans rejoice with memes online

Chris Bremmer, having recently completed his writing work on the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence starring action sequel 'Bad Boys for Life' has confirmed to media that the schedule for 'National Treasure 3' is heating up under Disney.

Fans of the 'National Treasure' movies, directed by Jon Turtletaub and starring Nicholas Cage—playing the role of American historian and cryptologist, Benjamin Franklin, who manages to get himself into high stakes treasure hunting situations that involve a parallel version of American history—can rejoice as a third film co-produced by Disney is officially in the works, said The Hollywood Reporter.

Bruckheimer and Cage to return to their most successful franchise

The star of the franchise, Nicholas Cage, could make his comeback with the well-loved franchise wikimediacommons

Hollywood mega-producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, who served as the executive producer on the first two films is understandably eager to return to the franchise once the box office returns are tallied up. Both films, made three years apart 'National Treasure'(2004) and 'National Treasure: Book of Secrets'(2007) were made on budgets of nearly $100 million dollars each, with the second one costing an extra $30 Million.

Despite getting a less-than-enthusiastic critical response, both were financial successes, grossing $347 million dollars and $430 million dollars respectively. The franchise's strong run at the box office seems has provided Disney with enough impetus to move forward with a sequel despite it lying dormant for over a decade since 2007. It is in the best interest of Jerry Bruckheimer and star Nicholas Cage to return to the franchise as it has been their most successful venture together and apart.

Fans rejoice through memes

The franchise has provided the best numbers in terms of the box office for Bruckheimer whose studio is known for making sequels that don't work as well as the original. For Cage, it might be the re-entry to the mainstream he might require to consider the 'big shot' in Hollywood that he was known as. Cage's career has definitely seen some highs since 2007, with critically acclaimed features like 'Mandy'(2018) and 'Kickass'(2010), however, most of his output has gone straight to Video-on-demand—far from his Hollywood megastar days.

With Chris Bremmer set to write the script, fans are undoubtedly excited for the return of the favourite antique thief since Indiana Jones through memes regarding the object that Cage's character is inevitably going to steal. Benjamin Franklin (Cage) stole the American Declaration of Independence that was a map to tons of treasure for the first film while a treasure book from the Library of Congress for his second outing—now fans wait with bated breaths to see the high jinx the character is going to get into this time around.

Fans speculate through memes the plot of the third film @twitter/jkhbennet