Babysutra reigning it's way from baby spa to grabbing a 13.33 million USD association with Metalex International Group


A augmenting business in the heart and soul of IT city from India which cemented its place in the market on the basis of fundamentals of love and care, Babysutra which aims at strengthening the cohesive forces between mommies and babies, moms to be has garnered a deal with Metalex, an International Group from Ankara, Turkey.

Metalex has released a worldwide press release mentioning the proud association with Babysutra. The conglomerate aims at investing, boosting and providing extensive support to Babysutra. A whopping amount of 13.33 million USD for a combined equity will be invested to widen the network of Babysutra. The association boasts expansion ranging across India, Middle East and South Asia with over 100 stores.

Babysutra entered the business arena with a motive of supporting mothers during pregnancy time and post pregnancy. Besides, one can benefit from many other services provided by them. The growing business has garnered attention from the esteemed business conglomerates owing to which the company is set to expand in the overseas market. Babysutra was also recently spotted carrying out Antenatal workshops in order to train moms-to-be to prepare themselves for labour and early parenthood.

In their other services they state to include infant massage for babies by certified therapists, special Hydrotherapy services wherein the baby is kept in the temperature controlled water. Babysutra holds a heart touching motive owing to which the company is prospering with new associations across the globe. The news of this achievement has spread in the global sphere.