Baby's Day Out: Video Of Baby Rhino Having 'Zoomies' Goes Viral, Internet Can't Get Enough [VIDEO]

A viral video of a month-old baby Rhino, Ajani Joe, running around in circles has gone viral on the internet, leaving viewers smiling

Ajani loves to run around in circles and chase butterflies. But who is Ajani Joe? He is a baby Rhino and currently the most celebrated resident of the Cincinnati Zoo. A viral video of the little tyke running around in circles has gone viral on the internet, leaving viewers smiling.

Earlier this week, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden held a baby shower for a month-old eastern black rhino sponsored by Rhino Wipe. Over 300 visitors attended the event and purchased shower gifts in a bid to win the chance to choose his name.

Baby Rhino
Ajani Joe Cincinnati Zoo

The winner, Martha Wolf, chose the name 'Ajani Joe', a name that is extremely special to Wolf who went on to explain the meaning. "My father's name is Joe and I wanted to honor him but also to choose a name that was of African origin since that's the black rhino's native land," she said. "Ajani means 'he who wins the struggle'. My dad has been a rock recently as my mom's primary caretaker, and I hope the little rhino will be strong like him!" she explained.

Adventures Of The Spunky and Curious

The video was just a teaser of Ajani's true personality which his keepers describe as being 'spunky and curious'. He has been venturing outside and exploring his yard with utmost confidence. While he is not on a set schedule yet, lucky visitors might just end up catching a glimpse of him hopping and playing as his protective mother Seyia watches over him.

In a statement, the Cincinnati Zoo explained exactly why the baby was special. "This little guy is an important ambassador for his species. Eastern black rhinos are critically endangered, and he is the first of his kind born this year in North America. Only eight others, including his brother, were born in the three years prior."

Internet Can't Get Enough

The video that was shared on the Zoo's Instagram handle, which has now gone viral, shows Ajani jumping around his enclosure with a caption that read, "Baby rhino zoomies! Ajani Joe is doing well and is full of personality (and energy!) (sic)." So far, the video has garnered over 34,000 views and 11,000 likes.

Users have already started thinking of pet names, "He is SO himself. Can we call him AJ ?" a user commented, while another suggested giving the little one a soccer ball to play with. A user wrote: "These videos make my day! To be so happy!", an emotion shared by all who have viewed the video.