Babyfaced killer from Upper East Side murders man he met on dating app

The suspect turned himself in to the police and said that he thinks he killed someone

In a vicious move, a man murdered another person 40 years his senior using a knife or a sharp ceramic object and mutilated his head alleged a Manhattan prosecutor during the arraignment on Saturday. The 24-year-old suspect met the 64-year-old victim through a dating app.

Alex Scott, the suspect from Oklahoma is said to have child molestation charges back home. The police found the body after Scott turned himself in. The body was seen to have multiple stab wounds on his forehead and the victim's throat was slit. After meeting through the app, the pair had gone back to the victim's house in East 83rd near Lexington Avenue. The death was ruled as a homicide immediately.

Vicious, ferocious crime scene

NYPD Police Car
NYPD Police Car Wikimedia Commons

Assistant District Attorney Shira Arnow said that the crime scene attack was undoubtedly vicious and ferocious. Kenneth Savinski was murdered the same day he had met Scott. He was found by his friend in his apartment lying face down. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police were able to identify the details through surveillance footage which was obtained. Scott and Savinski were seen walking arm in arm towards the apartment The prosecutor said that the victim was hoping this would be a romantic liaison in the video, but the suspect had different plans. Once they were inside the apartment the man was attacked and the victim's watch, credit cards, and cash were stolen.

Two hours after he is seen entering the apartment the video shows him leaving counting the cash and wearing the victim's jacket. The next day Scott used Savinsky's credit card to buy food and clothing and even book cab rides.

Scott was facing charges

Like a strange incident had occurred, Scott, walked into the Midtown North Precinct with Savinski's credit cards and ID and told the police that he doesn't remember the past few days. He admitted to killing someone.

Scott was facing charges and was about to stand trial for sexually assaulting a six-year-old in Oklahoma. He removed his ankle monitor and travelled to New York. The court-appointed attorney said that he might have not received proper care in the facility, because he was violently ill. More facts about the case are yet to be addressed but Scott is being held without bail.