B1A4's Baro apologizes for showing attitude at JTBC's Please Take Care of My Fridge

Producers of the cooking-variety program released a statement in support of Baro.

B1A4's Baro has extended an apology for the recent controversy of him throwing the attitude on JTBC Please Take Care of My Refrigerator's chefs. The singer reportedly showed some behavior which made the audience feel offended.

In his statement through the agency, Baro asserted that he will try to be more careful from next time. He said: "I apologize to the viewers who felt uncomfortable watching the show as well as Taek Jae Hoon, the chefs, and the producers. It was my first time on the show, and I think my desire to do well was too much and made people uncomfortable."

"I will humbly accept the harsh criticism, and I'll try my best to be more careful on shows in the future," the main rapper of boy band B1A4 affirmed.

Producers of the cooking-variety program also came forward in support of the 23-year-old. The PD affirmed that no one on the set felt uncomfortable and shoot was pretty harmonious. The representative also added that it's their fault that the singer was portrayed in a different manner.

"Baro was very clear to the chefs about his tastes. There was no one uncomfortable with this on set. The chefs didn't think Baro's words were too much either. The filming was harmonious. If some viewers were uncomfortable with how precise he was about his personal tastes, then we think that's the fault of the producers. We did not think he would be seen in that manner and would have given it more thought before filming. We're disappointed there was this response, " the PD relayed.

The incident occurred on the 4 July episode of JTBC's Please Take Care of My Refrigerator where Baro, whose real name is Cha Sun-woo, and Tak Jae Hoon were the featured guests. Reportedly, while the chefs were preparing the food for the guests, Baro started complaining to them, saying: "That ingredient doesn't taste good," and "I don't like stir-fried dishes and crunchy things."

Apparently, the singer also picked the food items and showed some bizarre expression which made the viewers uncomfortable.