Ayoub Rasmi: The living proof of the Moroccan Dream

Ayoub Rasmi

Ayoub Rasmi is a 27-year-old Italian-Moroccan entrepreneur. He started from scratch to become a successful businessperson.

"Leaving Morocco was my most challenging moment," said Rasmi. When asked about his immigration challenge, he said: "This is Italia. Be optimistic and try to work for your own progress."
Calculate your steps and never imprison yourself in unimportant jobs. Hope for the best but always expect the worst so that you don't get shocked," he added.

In an interview, the self-made entrepreneur describes his life and the most important events in his journey. "I moved to Italy at the age of two with my Mother to live and study there. I started my career from scratch at the age of 22. I worked night and day. I started with E-Commerce, which lasted 5 years. Later I invested in Real estate and I Founded my first Company Liv Rental, that deals in the Luxury rental sector, allowing me to do something even in my home country by launching Liv Marrakech.

I chose to invest also in Morocco for many reasons, including its strategic position, not far from Europe, and its legal framework. It is a very favorable country for investors because of its trained youth and experts, and its economic growth."
At first, Rasmi had difficulties setting up his business. "First, I realized that banks demand 200% as a deposit in order to take out a loan. Communication with other companies was also a problem as most foreign companies and entrepreneurs in Morocco speak French instead of English." He said.

Rasmi points out that expatriate youth should be aware that Morocco is a country of great prospects, with many opportunities for partnerships available to investors. "Moroccans living abroad should know that the future is in Morocco, there are unlimited advantages and possibilities." He concluded