Automated Google Drive: Woman Accidentally Sends X-Rated Pictures of Herself to Mother

A Canadian woman named Kara Tonin took to TikTok explaining how Google Photos, using their facial recognition technology, ended up sending her x-rated pictures to her mother causing embarrassment in the family.

She explained that she had previously set up the 'automatically send' option on her Google Photos and any picture she clicked of her son, would be sent to her mother's Google Drive at the end of the day, as she created a family group drive that included her mother.

Kara Tonin Sends X-rated Pictures to Mother
TikTok / Kara Tonin

However, one day Kara decided to spice things up in her relationship and recorded a video clip and clicked a few snaps stripping and being naked in the kitchen to send it to her partner.

Sadly, a picture of her son was put up on the fridge and Google Photos, with their facial recognition technology, assumed her son Josh was with her, and just like any other day, automatically sent the x-rated private moments to her mother's drive, only for the mum to realize that her daughter is seductively stripping naked.

Kara Tonin Sends X-rated Pictures to Mother
TikTok / Kara Tonin

In the TikTok video, Kara Tonin revealed that the technology blunder has put her in an awkward position with her mother and explained the entire ordeal to her followers while she's seen driving her car. Kara also warned others to remove the 'automatically send' option from their phones as Google facial recognition technology can put anyone in an awkward spot.

"This is a PSA for anyone who uses Google photos or any photo app that has facial recognition," she said at the beginning of the video and continued: ''So Google photos has this incredible thing where it recognizes people's faces and if you type in their name it will pull up every picture and video with their face in it.''

Seconds later Kara came to the point saying the unthinkable just happened without her notice causing major embarrassment with her mother. ''So I made an R-rated video where I was doing unspeakable, un-Godly things and Google photos picked up a very small picture of my son in the background on my fridge and said 'hey that's a picture of Josh, let's send the video to Kara's mum.'''

The TikToker, who was seen visibly upset with the ordeal paused for a while and sent out an apology to her mother by saying, "I'm so sorry mum," and summed it up with, ''Isn't technology incredible? A little too incredible if you ask me!"

The video has gone viral on TikTok garnering millions of views and thousands of comments and several other users commented their own awkward experiences they had to endure due to Google's facial recognition technology.