Automated Appointment Engines: 4 Things Real Estate Professionals Need

Automated Appointment Engines

Founded by Ben Martinez & Conner McBride, Automated Appointment Engines is resolving listing issues as the year 2021 rolls by. The industry leaders went up on a mission to simply turn the tables in the listing department and offer a more viable solution to all Real Estate dilemmas hence the sudden rise in interest in the program.

The Automated Appointment Engines technology has become a vital part of many real estate professionals' arsenal for helping people find their dream homes. This technology is truly changing the way business is done. From zero listings in three months to three reliable listings every month.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Ben and Conner's Automated Appointment Engine has made the impossible possible. With their software, every client gets a guaranteed three listing presentations or one signed listing every thirty days. "If you don't get three listing presentations or one signed listing out of the homeowners we sent, we won't bill you again until you do.", Co-Founder Ben Martinez States.

The duo (Ben & Conner) have already helped hundreds of Real Estate Professionals, all of which experienced a high jump in their net commissions and profits.

Ben Martinez explains what sets their technology apart from other competitors:

"There isn't a single company on the planet that delivers three guaranteed listing presentations or one signed listing every month, a 3-Digit text verified number, people are actually interested in selling, monthly agreements, a world-renowned client success team that will not just help them get ahold of clients, but force them to grow with the latest scripts, coaching, and leadership in any industry to maximize the ROI all month long, and exclusivity with the homeowners we send them, and most importantly someone who is expecting and looking forward to their call!"

This is a common struggle for real estate professionals and this solution helps scale their businesses and help a lot of people in the process.

Here are some of the things that Automated Appointment Engines helps Real Estate Professionals with:

1.) Talking to someone actually interested in selling their home.
2.) Have valid contact information and, most importantly, a verified phone number.
3.) Exclusivity. No other agent is reaching out to the homeowner.
4.) An authentic lead without evidently shady information.

The software has a proven track record and a strong focus on continual refinements. Automated Appointment Engines thrives on not only being the fastest growing real estate marketing company in the U.S but continuing to have the most up to date and innovative marketing technology and practices for real estate professionals.