Author Swati Bathwal's Successful Journey as Public Health Expert to Climate Change Activist

Swati Bathwal is a renowned dietitian, public health expert, a climate change activist and an author of school textbooks for NCERT school. Her book "Let's magnify health and physical education" is successfully distributed amongst 6th standard till Xth grade. She is currently publishing textbooks for XI and XII standards, where she educates young children on the importance of physical activity.

Bathwal says " to prepare for a better community and build a healthy nation, we need to focus on child nutrition". Bathwal has paved her way despite the challenges and has become a successful example for others to follow. She presented in Tedx Talk on climate change and its impact on the availability of food. She has also been featured along with Ridhima Pandey as Public Health expert for United Nations Populations Funds, India where she has discussed the importance of climate action in preventing gender bias.

Swati Bathwal

Bathwal was a part of the President's panel and is the only dietitian who volunteered for the President Estate Clinic in India. Bathwal was guest featured in Radio Chutney, Singapore.

Swati Bathwal belongs to a traditional Rajasthani family in Ranchi who ran a successful private practise in Australia.

Inspiring journey of Swati Bathwal

Bathwal belonged to a traditional Rajasthani family in the small town of Ranchi. Her father was a scientist and her mother is a lawyer and a successful businesswoman. She gives credit to her parents' support, who helped her overcome gender bias at a very young age and never stopped her from studying and pursuing her dreams. She studied public health in Sydney, then scored 96 in Biochemistry in grad school, and received a handful of offers from universities.

Swati Bathwal
Swati Bathwal

Bathwal picked Griffith University in 2006 to further her knowledge of nutrition, which also gave her a chance to deal with real-world cases. She faced racial discrimination in 2008 and failed by 1 mark but that didn't stop her from pursuing her dreams. During her struggling days, she has worked at fuel stations, cleaned public toilets in order to earn her living and pay for her education.

Being among the 10 international students in her class, where the majority were locals, she had her own sets of challenges to overcome. Bathwal had to learn about the cuisines of different countries as Australia is a multicultural country.

Bathwal graduated as a diabetes educator under ADEA Australia which enabled her to train in Baker IDI, the largest heart and diabetes institute in the southern hemisphere. Bathwal also trained at the Australian Institute of Sports as a sports dietitian, which then gave her the opportunity to help many athletes.

Currently, Swati hosts a successful podcast named " Diet x" where she invited Ramji Srinivasan, Past BCCI coach, Journalist Aditya Raj Kaul where she has discussed Kashmiri Pandits and life as a refugee to name a few. She is currently working on her new book on climate change and food.

This article was first published on April 25, 2022