Author Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is The Ultimate Polymath Having Exceptional Talents in Sports, Dentistry & Entrepreneurship!

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

Every country has its own gems of people that have exceptional talents and inspiring stories to showcase the world. With the internet era getting us closer like never before, we are able to discover these gems easier and with a click of a button! Bypassing the barriers of languages, culture, and traditions.

Amidst all these international gems, comes a prominent and incredible gem of high magnitude from Kuwait that you really can't miss! He had made a strong echo with his talents and personality reaching people globally, whether through social media or international news. Being featured in major international publications is one of the factors that lead to his growing worldwide popularity.

Meet Dr. Ali AlSaqoby the greatest gem of the middle east, having exceptional talents as a soccer freestyle athlete, dentist, author, entrepreneur, sports developer, and lifestyle influencer.

Doing one or two out of the aforementioned things at a standard level is unbelievable. The amount of talent, the mentality, the sweat, and hard work! Is just incredible and almost impossible to be able not only do more than two things.
But be able to do them all at once and at a high level! It is something inspiring and definitely worthy of admiration.

Let's face it, in the very least have you ever seen a dentist that has soccer skills that would put many soccer players to shame? I guess not! Well, wait until you see his soccer skills videos that went viral with no surprise.

Incredible soccer freestyle player with the duty of developing soccer freestyle as a pioneer and person in charge.

This Kuwaiti dentist is an outstanding soccer freestyler: a person that plays a sport dedicated to soccer skills/tricks. As soccer freestyle being an independent new sport, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is playing a great role in developing it as a soccer freestyle president via working closely with the world federation of the sport. Organizing championships such as the world-known Redbull Streetstyle World Championships qualifier is just a minor part he is doing to revolutionize the sport.

His passion for promoting and revolutionizing the sport is to see people enjoy it benefits as supported by his TV interview "This sport has helped me build a mentality that I am applying to various aspect of my life and that is, what seems impossible today will be possible with time and practice". Dr. Ali AlSaqoby had the opportunity to travel the world and perform flawless shows in front of large crowds. Being highly demanded shows is derived from his achievements in this sport and professionalism. His strong background as a strong soccer player has made him become a distinctive soccer freestyler that participated in many championships, including world championships that he managed to excel in managing to pass the qualification round and rank as one of the best in the world

An admired public figure with incredible appeal in social media for his talents, good looks, and value.

Having very gorgeous and appealing good-looks had contributed a spark to Dr. Ali AlSaqoby fame on social media. His spontaneous down to earth personality had complimented his good looks well leading to a very large following and engagements. His photos exceeding 100 of thousands of likes and 10 of thousands of comments. Says is it all!
Of course, as a humble and caring personality, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby used his fame in social media platforms to spread the sport he is passionate about, and also educate his fans regarding self-development, fitness, nutrition, and more.

Showcasing his lavish lifestyle is a way to motivate his audience of life goals they can put as the main driver for their daily life. He was labeled as the middle east most intelligent man by science times and we believe as an author releasing his new book with a section of entrepreneurship and sport.

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby will definitely top the list of people under 30 that are likely to make a huge impact on the world's future. He is an entrepreneur to watch in 2021 for his ownership of several establishments and companies. With that all, he manages to work full time as a leading dentist and, supervise freshly graduated dentists to improve. A true inspiring polymath! His official online account confirmed by tech times are as the following:

This article was first published on October 20, 2020