SHOCKING reason why former Aussie PM Bob Hawke stopped daughter from reporting rape

Rosslyn Dillon (59), youngest daughter of former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke alleged that she was raped thrice by a former Labour MP

Former Labour leader Bob Hawke's daughter, the 59-year-old Rosslyn Dillon, was allegedly raped by her father's close friend and confidant, Bill Landeryou, on three occasions. Dillon made the explosive revelation in a $4 million claim she has made on her late father's estate.

'You can't go to the police. You can't', Hawke told Dillon

Bob Hawke
Former Australian PM Bob Hawke Wikimedia Commons

In the 25-page affidavit lodged at the New South Wales Supreme Court, Dillon describes a confrontation with her father regarding sexual assault she underwent, The News Daily reported.

"You can't go to the police. You can't. I can't have any controversies right now. I am sorry but I am challenging for the leadership of the Labor Party", Hawke told her daughter. She was "shocked and hurt that (my father) asked this of me", her affidavit said. She went on to say that her father asked her to let go of the matter which she did.

Bill Landeryou, Victorian Labor MLC raped her, Dillon alleges

According to the affidavit, the former PM used his influence to get her a job in Landeryou's office. "During the time I was employed there I was often alone in Landeryou's office. At some time he started to touch me in a sexual way,'' she states.

"Landeryou sexually assaulted me three times – at the Hilton Hotel, at Parliament House and at his home in Sunshine, where he sneaked into the spare room where I was sleeping," she said. "These instances of sexual assault occurred when, to my knowledge, my father was preparing to challenge the current Leader of the Opposition (Bill Hayden) for the role of Leader of the Labor Party."

When the alleged incidents occurred, Dillon was a heroin addict and was struggling with substance abuse issues, the 25-page affidavit reads. Soon after Dillon shared her ordeal with her father, she came to know that she was pregnant and feared Mr Landeryou was the father. It was when she decided to terminate her pregnancy that she learnt that Landeryou couldn't have kids and thus decided not to proceed with the termination. "in due course my son David was born", she said.

Family was aware of the allegations

Dillon's sister, Sue Pieters-Hawke, told The New Daily that the family was aware of her allegation at the time and her father was distressed by it. "I love and support my sister," she said. "She did tell people at the time. I believe there was a supportive response but it didn't involve using the legal system." But according to the news website, the timeline outlined by Dillon in the affidavit does not add up – unless she is confused about what year she worked for Mr Landeryou.

In his will, the former Prime Minister Bob Hawke offered $750,000 to his three children and his step-son, the rest of his $14 million estate would go to his widow Blanche D'Alpuget. Dillon is contesting the same and has alleged that his late father failed to provide her with adequate family provision, given she is a disability-support pensioner suffering from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, who is dependant on welfare and her family's help to survive.

Hawke, a dominant figure in Australian politics in the 1980s, served as the Prime Minister from 1983-1991. He was laid to rest in May this year, at the age of 89.

This article was first published on December 9, 2019