Australia's Angus Onisforou Is All Set To Launch His New Business In Melbourne

Angus Onisforou

Every era has led to a huge shift in people's lifestyle, whether it is about their personal life or professional life. In the last decade, we have seen great growth in the online market. With the internet available in every household, both businesses and their consumers prefer to access everything online. The web is quite a vast world and has opened a lot of opportunities to aspiring business people. One such person who is all set to step his feet in the entrepreneurial world is Angus Onisforou.

Angus Onisforou is currently studying Business/Law at UTS in Sydney, Australia. But from his teenage days, he had decided to run his own venture. As today's youth have access to information just a click away, they read a lot, explore business ideas and build a fortune from themselves. Angus also strategizes his future and will soon act on it.

Soon, Angus Onisforou will set up a new auction house specializing in cars and collectibles. It will be an online business in Melbourne. When asked how he got an idea about such a unique business work, Angus shares, "I got into this from being an avid collector of watches as well as being very interested in cars."

Next month, Angus will officially launch his business. As a Business student, he is already proficient in approaching potential future customers. While his studies will also be his priority, Angus has created a plan to dedicate enough time for both. He hopes to expand his business worldwide, in a short time.

One may wonder how Angus Onisforou will manage to establish his business when we are amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, in the last one year, we have seen tremendous growth in the online business. In fact, Angus shared the same thoughts and said, "Covid has made this business possible due to the growth of the online e-commerce sector. But, I am aware that I have to be consistent and keep doing my best, promoting it online and offline as much as I can, to reach my target."

Angus further added, "Only when my business has a strong presence in Melbourne, then overall Australia, I know it will have a worldwide reach too. So the key is, no matter what, challenges come my way. I am highly inspired by the quote 'Keep your powder dry' by Oliver Cromwell. It means to be ready for any emergency and face it with enough strength."not to give up