Australian Startup, Bath Box, Soars to New Highs For Entrepreneurs Ashton Jude, Hannah Pereira

Ashton Jude, Hannah Pereira Inbox

Up and coming Australian entrepreneurs, Ashton Jude & Hannah Pereira, are a powerful duo who, in their 20s, have paved their path to success very early in life.

Founded in 2017, Bath Box is a bath and skin care brand with humble beginnings. Launched in the home garage of Hannah Pereira by herself with close friends and family, this low-cost start enabled her to focus her business on solving real customer problems without the common worries of trying to meet next month's rent or staff payments.

Within a few months, serial entrepreneur Ashton Jude joined the team at Bath Box, he was able to drive the business to new highs each year, with Bath Box recording over $2.2M sales in 2020.

The team has since expanded, including Kim Pereira, who has come on board to manage social media and customer engagement channels.

Speaking with Ashton, he shared that Bath Box is now on track for over $5M sales in 2021, with their product range of bath comfort accessories going viral, led by a best-selling bath pillow and bath caddy product bundle.

Bath Box Sales Explode During Pandemic Period

The recent 2020 pandemic dampened sales across many consumer industries, especially service-based industries. However, Bath Box was well positioned to take advantage and grow during one of history's toughest time for business.

"At Bath Box, we are an online retailer, with a very robust infrastructure to generate sales and deliver orders to customers within just a few days," explains Ashton.

Having generated a large collection of social media advertisements, Ashton believes he was able to deliver record-breaking sales growth for Bath Box by expanding marketing operations while other businesses were cutting back at the peak of the pandemic.

And since Bath Box had been delivering customer orders across Australia for a few years now, they had an end-to-end setup to fulfil this increased order volume without any obstacles or delays.

One of the biggest reasons Hannah believes that her company's products were so popular is that everything Bath Box sells is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, and handmade with natural ingredients locally in Melbourne, Australia.

"Consumers are becoming 'conscious shoppers', and it's incredibly important that as a business owner, I listen to what my customers are telling me, and deliver to them exactly what they want," says Hannah.

With the rapid expansion of Bath Box in 2020, the brand is now becoming more of a household name across Australia. One such area that Ashton believes this is more true than ever before is in rural Australia.

"A lot of Australians live in places without a major city nearby, and without a major city, it's rare for these Aussies to find a luxury bath store locally that sells a product range like what we have," says Ashton. "This is where our fast delivery Australia-wide becomes very important. We invest everything we have into keeping the time between a customer clicking "pay now" and having their products in their hands as short as possible."

As the brand continues to grow at an accelerated pace in 2021, it's exciting to hear what is next for the team at Bath Box. The team believe there is a lot that they still need to do in Australia, but have dreams of Bath Box one day becoming a global brand.

"We want to open up to the world, starting with the USA, Canada and UK, hopefully by 2023," explains Kim.

According to social media insights, Bath Box has a large fan base growing in North America at an increasing rate. And it's not uncommon for them to receive several messages every day from customers outside of Australia, especially in North America or the UK, asking how they can also get their hands on these Australian products.

We will keep a close eye on the team at Bath Box, and share any progress on their global expansion over the coming months.