Australian native Hazza Harding walks us through his music and passion


Amidst the debacle of the novel pandemic, many foreigners were forced to leave China and return to their countries. But few with their heart and soul set in the country's culture and heritage felt the need to stay put and aid the rebuilding process. Among them is Harry Harding, popularly known as Hazza, who has been a prominent media representative for the past 10 years. The 31-year-old, a native of Australia, visited China on a field trip in 2004. Little did he know that his stay would turn into a life-long commitment. He moved to China in 2011 to begin his journey as a television host at Guangdong Radio and Television in Guangzhou.

Hazza, who also identifies himself as a singer, has built quite an amazing fanbase with his songs in Chinese and English. His popularity had grown exponentially over time, which is why his many fans were ecstatic when his song "I Was Wrong" peaked at no. 5 on national charts and was broadcasted over several radio stations. He originally started exploring Chinese pop culture while at a university in Australia. But when his friends encouraged him to take his passion seriously and produce his own music, Hazza started to experiment with some of his own compositions.

"Chinese culture and language have always been a part of who I am, whether it be my interest in art, music, architecture, or food," states Hazza. It comes as an appreciation when people adopt different cultures and thrive in countries where they feel at home. His main goal is to bridge the cultural gap between China and the western world by filling in the information gaps. He acknowledges that western media has followed a perception that is far from the truth and has often been incorrect when it comes to Chinese culture.

Over the years, he has made efforts towards enhancing relations between various communities. "We as a community have the power to influence and strengthen our own communities and those of others," states Hazza. "We have the power to decide what is the best way to live in harmony with the universe, our environment, and all peoples."

Despite the setback in the relations between China and Australia, Hazza has hope that the two countries will see a brighter future and prosper in the coming years. He will continue to be a bridge between China and Australia, letting his fans know that "the bonds between China and Australia are longlasting."