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An Australian National, who is a director of his own company that deals in racehorses, was sentenced to 11 months in jail and caning for molesting two women in two hours.

Wade James Burridge, the 34-year-old man, was convicted of two charges of outrage of modesty against two women at different bars along Boat Quay in Singapore. The name of the victims has been kept under wraps due to a court order.

Details of the judgment

The Australian citizen is reportedly going to file an appeal soon. He is now out on a $40,000 bail.

During the time of judgment, Hamidah Ibrahim, the District Judge said that his actions were deliberate and not accidental.

N K Anitha, during the hearing, told the judge that the court should impose a jail sentence of 11.5 months and three cane strokes to the culprit as he has committed such a heinous crime. Anitha also added that Burridge, being un-flinched after the first attempt committed a similar crime within an hour which indicates his criminal mindset.

Shashi Nathan, Burridge's lawyer, pleaded the court to give a jail sentence to his client in between five to six months, as Burridge was completely intoxicated with alcohol during the time of the crime.

Details of the crime

The first incident associated with the case happened on October 8, 2015, at around 11.00 PM. When Burridge was at a bar in Canton Street, he touched the private parts of a 46-year-old events consultant from under her skirt. As Burridge violated the personal space of the lady, she turned around and hit the Australian man. The lady soon informed the bar's manager, and he informed the police immediately.

The second incident happened an hour later when Burridge molested the second woman in another bar at the North Canal Road. Burridge, who was seated behind the woman, grabbed her waist. The woman reacted quickly and was about to punch Burridge. Later, she allowed him to go, and he walked away from the bar. After that, a Police report was made which resulted in his arrest.