Australian man waits outside Apple Store two days before iPhone 8 launch

And the internet reacts to the man whose fanaticism over iPhone is unfathomable.

Only two days to go before the launch of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, an Australian gentleman has started to line up outside the Apple Store in his home country. However, not all people have been smitten by his dedication and fanaticism over Apple's overly-hyped smartphone.

Australian journalist Luke Hopewell took Twitter on Monday to post a photo of a fellow Australian waiting just outside the Apple Store along George St in Sydney. The man, who Hopewell did not identify, was sitting on a foldable lawn chair with his cobalt blue jacket on looking at his smartphone and MacBook.

According to Hopewell, the man is "camping" outside the retail shop two days ahead of the next iPhone models launch. It has to be noted that launch date does not mean release date in most cases.

Responses in the thread have revealed that the man in the photo is Mazen Kourouche, an app developer who runs a YouTube channel with his name. His profile states that he does tech reviews, unboxings and usual vlogging of his daily life.

For an iPhone fanatic, this situation may seem to be normal and praise-worthy. Unfortunately, the internet finds his dedication and devotion absurd and stupid.

Here are some reactions of Twitteratis on the man whose fervour for iPhone no one can fathom:

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