Australian Grand Prix: Nicholas Latifi Crashes into Lance Stroll; Netizens Troll Him as Qualifying Interrupted (Watch)

Australian Grand Prix witnessed a bizarre crash involving Nicholas Latifi and Lance Stroll during the qualifying in the formula one race. The crash interrupted the Australian Grand Prix's qualifying.

The crash happened with just two minutes to go in Q1, as Stroll was about to attempt his first and only hot lap after needing some extra time in the pits to get his Aston Martin ready for the session. But he never got the chance to set a time, as Formula 1's two Canadian racers collided, according to The Mirror.

Nicholas Latifi crash
Latifi Again Engages in Major Crash in Australian GP Twitter

Latifi's Third Massive Crash

Netizens are trolling Latifi with some saying "Latifi back to doing what he does best".

Another Twitterati has claimed Latifi is the greatest danger to Australian GP. "When you lead the race Latifi will definitely crash on you," wrote Twitter user @SvenVillwock.

For Latifi, it's a third massive crash in recent after his incidents in both qualifying and the race in Saudi Arabia.

Due to the crash, both drivers could not qualify for Q1 while German car racer Sebastian Vettel was at the 18th position despite getting a lap in.

Latifi's teammate Alex Albon, a Thai Formula One driver for Williams, could not make it to Q2 and he certainly faced a mechanical problem as he was slowed down in the final seconds.

Nicholas Latifi
Nicholas Latifi Twitter

Latifi and Stroll Blame Each Other

Latifi and Stroll came close at the Turn 5 kink near close to the end of Q1, according to The Race.

After the crash, both drivers blamed each other over the team radio with Latifi saying, "I don't understand what he was doing. He wasn't looking in his mirrors. The f****** car's destroyed."

"Latifi man, what the f*** was he doing, he's just f****** hit me man!" replied Stroll.

Latifi has clarified that he had allowed Stroll to pass through as Aston Martin was on a flying lap.

He termed the incident unfortunate and stated, "I'd only let Lance by because I was told he was on a pushing lap. He must have backed off a corner or two before for whatever reason, and I just wanted to get carried on with my tyre preparation so I wanted to get back by him."