Australian GP 2019: Mercedes shimmers in Melbourne; Ferrari disappoints fans

Valtteri Bottas
Valtteri Bottas wins Australian GP Reuters

The Formula One battle of 2019 season has started with a bang after the Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas took over his teammate Lewis Hamilton, who started the race from the pole position. Bottas clinched the final victory at Albert Park gracefully and gained the bonus point for clocking the fastest lap during Sunday's race.

The current world champion, Hamilton failed to win the Australian GP 2019 as his teammate Bottas strategically maintained more than 20-second gap from the Briton.

Both Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and the new star Charles Leclerc were defeated by Red Bull's jewel Max Verstappen, who surpassed the German ace Vettel in lap 31. At the end of the 58th lap, the 21-year-old Max Verstappen claimed the third position and took home 15 points.

But the Australian GP turned out like a nightmare for Daniel Ricciardo, as he faced car issues during the first lap and then retired from the race after 30th lap. The Australian fans, who came to support their compatriot Ricciardo, left Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit with huge disappointment.

McLaren driver Carlos Sainz's car catches fire, which caused him a retired from the season-opening Australian GP 2019. He got out of the car successfully and the flames were taken under control.

Later Haas driver Romain Grosjean also faced complications with the car and decided to retire after he spoke to the team.

The Ferrari fans from all around the world did not expect the result, while their rivals Mercedes claimed top two positions in the season-opening race as well as the bonus for clocking the fastest lap.

Even though the Mercedes proved that they are ready to dominate this season also, the British driver Hamilton, who matched two all-time F1 records held by legend Michael Schumacher and took one for himself by taking pole position on Saturday, did not look so happy with the final result. During the post-race interview, he said that he will make some suggestions to bring the better version of the car.

Here is the final result of Australian GP 2019: