Australian Craig Wright identifies himself as bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto

'Satoshi Nakamoto' owns about a million bitcoins, making him worth about $450m at the current valuation.

Australian national Craig Wright has identified himself as Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin creator.

Wright's home was raided in December 2015 by Australian tax authorities after two magazines identified him as the creator of the virtual currency.

Wright said he didn't want to gain fame or money by revealing himself but wanted to go ahead with work that interests him.

He revealed his identity to three media organisations - the BBC, the Economist and GQ after remaining at the centre of tonnes of media speculations about the unseen creator of the virtual currency.

"I was the main part of it, but other people helped me," he told BBC, after demonstrating how bitcoins were created by digitally signing messages using cryptographic keys.

Following Wright's revelation many bitcoin experts came forward to assert he was the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

"I believe Craig Steven Wright is the person who invented Bitcoin," Gavin Andresen, chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation, said.

There are more than 15 million bitcoins in currency and Satoshi Nakamoto owns about a million of them. This makes Wright worth about $450m at the current value of the virtual currency.

But Wright has said he's not hankering after money or name.

"I have not done this because it is what I wanted. It's not because of my choice ... I really do not want to be the public face of anything," Wright said.

He also said he was forced to reveal his identity. "I would rather not do it ... I want to work, I want to keep doing what I want to do. I don't want money. I don't want fame. I don't want adoration. I just want to be left alone."