Australian Agency, Amplifyou Launches Their Facebook Media Buying Services in Singapore to Increase Bookings for Luxury Hotels


Harley Cannard and Cory Hill, founders of Amplifyou, a leading Australian based digital advertising agency have deployed their ultimate Facebook Media Buying and Tripadvisor ranking services in Singapore to solve some major pain points for the damaged and struggling travel and tourism sector post-Covid-19.

The news is especially good for luxury hotels marketing efforts in order to boost leads and sales throughout Singapore. Hotel rooms have been maxing out and filling up fast as the travel sector is getting a push to recover faster from Amplifyou's innovative software.

"We have developed a system that rapidly ranks your hotel, restaurant to number 1 on Tripadvisor, the system abides by the Terms Of Service, and is user friendly to allow us to utilize the power of email lists, audiences, Facebook ads, automated messenger chatbots, integrations to drive thousands of customer 5-star reviews autonomously. We've seen a 15% increase in organic bookings and hotels have been flooded with new traffic. We've solved the biggest problem for luxury hotels, getting more travelers into bed using only the power of Facebook ads." says Amplifyou's Co-founders, Harley Cannard, and Cory Hill.

The aim of Amplifyou is to provide high-quality, dependable, and affordable automation solutions to customers. Their 5+ years of experience in the industry has helped them build a solid reputation in the market as an automation service provider that delivers genuine value to its customers.

Amplifyou uses a plug and play software that they have developed so that you don't have to do any of the work. In the hotel industry, Harley Cannard has developed a software that works on leveraging data from customer lists which ultimately ranks Hotels to number 1 on Tripadvisor and making sure that rooms fill up more efficiently whilst increasing organic traffic by 15%.

When it comes to Facebook ads, they know what they're talking about. Their team of advertising professionals has been responsible for driving over 80 million dollars in revenue in the past 18 months. They focus on making Facebook advertising profitable and fast. Time is money so a quick turnaround time on their clients' ad investments is essential. They take into account your current ads ROI and make data-driven decisions and a strategic plan to drive economic returns.

Amplifyou says, "Using our tested, as well as proven, marketing and automation tactics, you can get your product in front of the right customers immediately."

There's no doubt that Amplifyou has developed a system to give Luxury Hotels a lifeline by pioneering a new way for Hotels to bounce back, increase revenue, and get more travelers into beds, post Covid-19.

About Amplifyou:
An agency focused on one thing: helping business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world with explosive growth to succeed and scale through the latest tested and proven digital marketing systems.

If you need a proven automated sales generating system to grow your business, they are here to help support the implementation of these structures. This allows you to relax while they scale and grow your profit and ROI.

Media Inquiries:
Need an expert source on Facebook Media Buying or marketing for luxury hotels? Amplifyou CEO & Co-founder Harley Cannard is available for media interviews if you are working on a story related to luxury hotel marketing tips during the pandemic era.