Austin Rotter Shares 5 New Year's Resolutions for Marketers

 Austin Rotter

New Year is the perfect time for digital marketers to adapt to new technologies and upskill their knowledge. The renowned media strategist Austin Rotter has shared some key resolutions for marketers that can help them level up their game!

It's time to make waves for the upcoming year and work on new strategies. If you haven't set your marketing goals yet, you should do so now! Especially if you are a marketer, this is a perfect opportunity for you to review your previous year's performance and make positive changes for the new one. Revamping your goals will give you an idea about which strategies have been successful and which ones need to be refined.

Expert digital marketers often make resolutions to try new tools, technologies, and plans. The acclaimed media strategist, Austin Rotter has also shared his New Year resolutions for marketers. These are the strategies that every digital marketer must add to their list of New Year resolutions.

Focus on the User Experience

With the evolution of digital media, more and more brands are relying on a better user experience (UX). In fact, user experience can make or break your overall web performance and marketing campaign. Data research has shown that 88% of users don't like to visit a website after encountering a bad experience.

So try improving your customer experience if you aren't already working on it. You can easily uplift your brand's perception with a great UX design. It not only adds trustworthiness but also exhibits quality and reliability.

Try Different Types of Digital Content

Right now, most brands either only have a website or emphasize too much on social media. But the right approach is to try all types of content and mediums. A great New Year resolution for marketers can be to try different types of digital content. Instead of just publishing blog posts, you should also work on running PR campaigns.

In addition, marketers should go for paid social media promotions, PPC ads, and video advertisements. This will allow you to engage the untapped audience that your brand has been missing.

Prefer Quality Over Quantity

Brands online are constantly flooding their audiences with fresh content. Companies and businesses are in a race to engage customers and want to display themselves everywhere all the time. Ultimately, this leads to low-quality content that may fail to impress your target audience. On the other hand, you might have to remove or update this content after every quarter.

Your goal this year should be to create quality content instead of reproducing the same content. Try to offer value through your content and help your users solve their problems.

Create More Videos

Visual content is on the rise and is the most popular medium right now. The meteoric ascent of platforms like TikTok and the popularity of short videos on YouTube shorts are visible examples. And if you are not creating videos for your brand or clientele, you are missing out big time. The start of the year is the right time for you to jump onto this bandwagon.

Automate Your Workflow

Time has become a currency in this day and age, especially for digital marketers. You should make a resolution to save time this year and automation is the key to doing so. There are plenty of tools available and they are popping up almost every month.

Marketing and management tools like Hootsuite or Hubspot can help you schedule your social media posts in advance. Then there are Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that can help you write compelling posts or marketing ads within minutes if not seconds. In case you've not tried them, add them to your New Year's resolutions as a marketer!

Final Note

New Year's resolutions can help you redefine your marketing and upskill your game. According to the renowned media strategist Austin Rotter, marketers should make a promise to focus on the user experience. They must prefer quality over quantity and try different types of content to engage their audience. Creating more videos and automating the workflow is the way forwards in 2023 for digital marketers.