Aurimas Juodka: A Known Human Optimization and High Performance Expert Helping Veteran and Novice Entrepreneurs to Create Lasting Success

Aurimas Juodka

None of us make it to the top on our own, there are many who directly and indirectly contribute to our success, and when it comes to business, both budding and veteran entrepreneurs need proper guidance and support to withstand the challenges that naturally come up on the path of entrepreneurship. One man who emerges in the scene in helping entrepreneurs is none other than the Human Optimization and High Performance expert Aurimas Juodka (AJ). He specializes in identifying the inefficiencies in the lives and businesses of entrepreneurs and eliminates them. From optimizing their biology, to dialing in their mindset and efficiency, he helps his clients to overcome the biggest performance inhibitors.

AJ understands these issues in and out because he's experienced all of them himself. Aurimas went from facing serious health issues such as chronic heart condition, mental fog, low energy and insomnia to cracking the health code on his own and that became his entry point to Human Optimization and High Performance. He has come a long way in establishing himself a competent Human Optimization and High Performance Expert. AJ comes from a military background along with having mastery over NLP and other coaching modalities, behavioral psychology, which all together have made him a well rounded Human Optimization and High Performance Expert. Now, he utilizes his knowledge to guide others towards achieving and sustaining high performance for life.

His thirst for knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of High Performance helped him to emerge as a Human Optimization Expert and he advises entrepreneurs, executives and executive teams on maximizing the productive output and building a high performance culture. He advocates developing the Minimal Effective Dose approach to everything they do in business and life. When it comes to optimization, he always sees the next level of structuring his and his clients' lifestyle, which in turn helps them to tap into their highest potential.