Auricle Studios is advancing the way music comes to life.

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Auricle Studios

Auricle Studios is co-founded by Jordan Bolch and Patrick Collier. Jordan is a recording artist, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and music producer from the USA. Patrick is a record producer, sound engineer, songwriter, and graduate from Hampton University. Auricle Studios began as a vision of Jordan and Patrick in Los Angeles, California, and quickly opened its first location in Studio City. They have expanded their base in Miami, Florida with its flagship state of the art recording studio.

Auricle provides premium services like sound production, audio engineering, vocal and live instrument recording, scoring for film, TV and games, podcast, foley sounds, mixing, and mastering backed by their experienced team of industry professionals.

Along with handling their music careers, Jordan and Patrick are simultaneously working towards building their music businesses, record labels, and additional recording studios. Jordan is also the co-owner of Media Monsters which has opened its premier film studio, VFX, and animation house in Miami. Media Monsters will be putting out their first feature film in the near future, which will be scored in Auricle's Dolby ATMOS certified scoring studio. By joining creative forces, the facility will create national TV Commercials and unique multi-media content across industries. Both brands are constantly bringing new job opportunities for creatives in Miami, Florida.

Under Jordan's able leadership, Auricle Studios has expanded its reach in Atlanta and Miami. The full-service recording and mixing facility is frequented by top entertaining artists. Its private facility focuses on curating a cutting edge creative environment, backed by superior audio quality, unmatched customer service, and privacy, which is rare to find amongst other studios. Artists from a variety of genres like Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, and R&B prefer recording their music at Auricle. Local DJ phenomenon, Akuarium, better known as Richie Schwab uses Auricle Studios for all of his commercial and music production needs.

Apart from offering the state of the art recording technology, Auricle Studios also offers other services like distribution, marketing, visual graphics, and artist development. They are also on the verge of rolling out an artist development course online, which is currently under development and expected to be launched soon.

This article was first published on September 23, 2021