Augmented-Reality game 'Pokemon GO' launches in select countries

Grab your copy of Nintendo's augmented-reality based game 'Pokemon GO' for free via iTunes App Store.

Augmented-Reality games are the buzz of the hour as Nintendo's Pokemon GO is now available via App Stores in select countries including the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. It is Nintendo's second iOS game after Miitomo, which was based on its lucrative Mii universe.

Pokemon GO is Nintendo's first venture into the world of Augmented-Reality and the game is developed in corroboration with its developer Niantic Labs. Gamers can enjoy the game set pieces in the real world as the iOS game runs using your iPhone's camera, sensors and location information based on real-world maps.

The key game objective is to capture other Pokemon scattered around the real-world locations using the in-game mini-map. Some of the Pokemon characters that you might encounter include Pikachu, Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard.

When a Pokemon is nearby, your iPhone will vibrate and help you in pin-pointing the location. One can either trade or train all such collected Pokemons to protect nearby Gyms in the real world from other players and thus adding the fun factor of augmented-reality.

Up to three teams can engage in a Gym battle at once and each player of each team can use just one Pokemon at a Gym in real-world locations. Consequently, it is imperative for team members to work together in order to successfully defend any captured Gym.

True to its name, the augmented-reality game uses real-world maps and real location information to enable players interact with the game set pieces or engage in epic Gym battles.

A company-made Bluetooth accessory alerts you when a Pokemon is discovered near your location as your sole aim in the game is to capture them all.

Check out the Pokemon GO teaser in the stunning action trailer below:

Curious users can go ahead and indulge in Nintendo's free-to-play game by grabbing the downloadable apps using the country-wise App Store links provided below:

New Zealand App Store

Australian App Store

US App Store

Japanese App Store

Download Pokemon GO for Android

Note: The game has been optimised to run on smartphones and not tablets. Interested users may opt for in-app downloads or purchases starting at 99 cents and going up to $100.

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