Attention women! Check out these 5 signs which can tell if a man is a virgin or not

Check out these 5 ways which can tell if your boyfriend is a virgin.


Many people believe that virginity is a women's term, and a man who had indulged in intimate encounters cannot be caught. But this is absolutely a false notion, as behavior during lovemaking can easily point out whether a man is a virgin or not. According to Dr. Jisha Johnson Abraham who works as a senior medical practitioner with Kerala Government in India, it is practically impossible to find out a man's virginity with physical signs. But he believes that it can be figured out with the behavior traits mentioned below.

Too much shyness

A man who had several relationships in the past will not be shy during sexual encounters. A man will be more confident while performing sexual acts, as he is used to it, and this is the primary factor which indicates that he is no more a virgin. If you find your partner very shy, it clearly indicates that he is not that used to female companies.

That awkward way of kissing

Kissing is the best ice breaker and can create a strong bond between two partners. In most of the times, a virgin guy will be kissing in an awkward manner, as he is not used to it. If you find your partner a good kisser, then beware, he might have done this an umpteen numbers of times in the past.

You will be asked to take initiative

A virgin man will not be used to the sexual traits of females, and as a result, he will always compel you to take initiatives during the time of romance. He may even ask permission before touching you. He is also likely to show confusion while making the first intercourse.

The fast and the furious

A virgin man is likely to be more keen on exploring a female body than someone who has sexual encounters regularly. A virgin man is likely to be more passionate in bed, appreciating every moment. However, he might act sloppy. So girls, be patient.

Imitating moves seen in adult movies

Men who are used to sexual encounters know what to do to please their partners. But a virgin man will not have any idea on how to impress girls, and what he tries to do will be nothing other than the imitation of adult movies which he has seen. So, if you find your partner quite confused during the time of meaty moments, blindly conclude that you are the first girl in his life.

Even though these signs can indicate a man's virginity, Dr. Jisha warns all females not to rely on these indications completely, as a non-virgin man may also show these behavior traits due to various reasons. However, he adds that virginity has nothing to do with a healthy marital life, as fidelity after marriage is the most crucial factor which decides the future of a married life.