Attention film lovers: These are the five space movies that are both thrilling and realistic

This list of five space movies include those films which will deliver to you a thrilling experience

Hollywood space movies have a cult fan following, and in most of the films that fall in this genre, audiences used to see those cliched moments like asteroid impacts and alien invasion. However, there are certain films that offer thrill in a very different and realistic manner. International Business Times, Singapore, presents you with the list of five space movies that are both thrilling and realistic.

The Martian

Space movies
A still from the movie 'The Martian' YouTube

When it comes to a list of engaging space movies, Ridley Scott's 'The Martian' undoubtedly deserves a spot in it. This 2015 film that starred Matt Damon in the lead role has all the elements to glue the audiences to their seats throughout its run time of 141 minutes.

The movie showcased the story of a NASA astronaut who gets isolated on Mars during a mission. In 'The Martian', the director showcased the struggles faced by the astronaut to survive in the barren Red Planet.


Danny Boyle's 'Sunshine' is a very different film when compared to other space movies. In this movie, the director narrates the day when the sun, the only star in the solar system starts dying.

As humanity faces the verge of extinction, a team of astronauts starts their journey to the sun with a nuclear device to reignite the dying star. However, some unexpected happenings during the course turn their life upside down.


Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' is a real gem of a film, and it showcased the life of an astronaut who gets entangled in a wormhole and reaches a whole new world. However, after surviving on the alien planet, the astronaut finally reaches earth, but what he saw was a new blue planet where the time went out of his control.

The Wandering Earth

Chinese science fiction movie 'The Wandering Earth' directed by Frant Gwo is China's third highest-grossing film of all time. The movie showcase a scenario where the sun dies out and humanity is trying to move the earth to a different star system using thrusters. The main highlight of 'The Wandering Earth' is its spectacular visuals and those engaging moments that will increase the adrenaline rush in the minds of the viewers.


'Aniara' is a 2018 science fiction movie directed by Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja. The film is set in a dystopian future where the earth is not habitable for a living. Now, humans are trying to migrate to Mars. During one of the trips, a spacecraft lost its way, and the people on board are looking for a new destination to save their lives.