Athos Salomé: Modern-Day Nostradamus Who Predicted Queen's Death Believes Nuke War Is Imminent; World War III Could Begin Soon

A man who is dubbed as modern-day Nostradamus has predicted that World War III is about to begin soon. Athos Salomé, who correctly predicted Queen Elizabeth II's death, forecast that a nuclear war could begin soon.

He also predicted the COVID-19 pandemic and billionaire Elon Musk's attempt to buy Twitter.

The seer even claims that he foresaw robots making humans out of work even before the billionaire revealed his "Optimus" robots. But among the more ominous of the 36-year-old's claims is the chilling declaration that World War Three has already started, according to Daily Mirror.

Athos Salomé
Athos Salomé Twitter

Salomé Claimed Nuclear War Could Begin Soon

Salomé, who is from Divinópolis in Brazil, stressed that Russia's invasion of Ukraine is an early sign of the beginning of World War III.

Salomé has revealed that he doesn't consider himself a soothsayer and stated that science has started to prove that my skills are real, a few months ago my list of predictions and I went through technical analysis, and no tricks were proven.

Salomé Predicted COVID Pandemic

"At the age of 12, I realized that I was different from other people, with more sensitivity to feel, hear and talk about events that I had no control over. Sometimes I doubted myself, as I said things that were unlikely to happen, but came true in a short time," he told Daily Star.

Salomé Predicted Queen's Death

Athos believes that he was chosen to help the people of this world and stated that he only has sensitivity and a prophetic gift. "I know how to understand people and what they are looking for."

A decade back in 2012, Athos had revealed that the world will be crippled by a pandemic in 2020. He also correctly predicted the Ukraine war 44 days before Putin invaded the country.

More cryptically, he posted on Instagram stating that a leader would be born between "22, 44 and/or 66" and that "he will take out part of those who are not in favour of his decisions," according to Daily Mirror.

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