Asus reveals five new laptops in gorgeous colour accents, ultra-thin design

Asus reveals five new laptops in stunning colour accents and super thin design at the 2017 Computex event in Taipei.

Asus had just wrapped up earlier today this year's Computex event in Taipei wherein a host of devices was revealed, including five new laptops, a new smartphone, a new monitor called "Designo", and two all-in-one PCs. In the laptop department, taking the center stage are Zenbook Flip S, Zenbook Pro, Zenbook 3 Deluxe, Vivobook S, and Vivobook Pro.

Zenbook Flip S

ASUS chairman Jonney Shih took pride introducing the Zenbook Flip S as the world's thinnest laptop available to date. At 10.9mm with 1.1kg in weight, the device is 20 percent thinner than the Apple's MacBook Air (17mm at 1.35kg) and HP's new Spectre X360 (13.8mm at 1,29kg).

Zenbook Flip S has a 13.3in 4K touchscreen display capable of flipping 360 degrees. It is powered by a seventh-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of internal storage. These specs guarantee a smooth and fast performance. Asus claims the device to last up to 11.5 hours and fully charge in 1.5 hours. It will hit shelves in September for US$1,099.

Zenbook Pro

The new Zenbook Pro with model number UX550 has a 15.6-inch 4K touchscreen display. It is powered by a seventh-generation Core i7 processor, a 16GB of RAM, a discrete graphic card, and the Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti. These specs make it ideal as a gaming machine. It is also a thin device at 18.9mm with 1.8kg weight. The new Zenbook Pro will be available in July for US$1,299.

Zenbook 3 Deluxe

Dubbed by Asus as the world's most prestigious laptop, the Zenbook 3 Deluxe sports a 14-inch full HD display. Its body has a 12.9mm thickness. On the sides are two Thunderbolt ports. With its vibrant colour accents, this device is living up to its moniker. The Zenbook 3 Deluxe costs US$1,999.

Vivobook S

Shih exuded with confidence to assert that the Vivobook S is a game-changer in the line-up. It comes cheap at US$499 for a device that is powered by an Nvidia GTX 940 MX GPU and an Intel Core i7 processor. It has a 15-inch display whose body is 17.9mm thick. Overall, the device resembles the MacBook with its aluminum shell.

Vivobook Pro

Vivobook Pro is the mid-range laptop in the lineup. It sports a 15.6-inch 4K display. It runs on an Intel Core i7 processor and a GTX 1050 GPU. This will be out in the summer for US$799.