Asteroids will make earth turn into a airless burnt cinder and wipe out humanity, warns space author

A mass extinction event caused due to an asteroid hit had wiped out more than 70 percent of all species on the earth

Around 66 million years ago, a doomsday asteroid hit the earth in its full fury, and this cosmic collision resulted in a mass-extinction event where dinosaurs and more than 70 percent of all species on the blue planet were wiped out.

Since then, such an event has not happened, and it helped a lot in the evolution of humankind. However, space experts strongly argue that humans cannot rule out the possibility of such a scenario happening in the future, as dreaded asteroid hits are not confined to the past.

Dire warning from space author David Whitehouse

Representative image of asteroid above an ocean Mr Scientific YouTube

Space author David Whitehouse believes that asteroids, both small and large have created a giant field of debris around the earth, and it will finally threaten the existence of humankind on the blue planet. He also warned that such an impact that might happen in the future and will turn the earth into an airless burnt cinder.

Did the solar system have more planets in the beginning?

Whitehouse argues that cores of dead planets continue hitting each other, as the gravitational pull of Jupiter rips them apart. The space author claimed that the solar system had more planets in the initial days of its formation, but these planets hit each other, and this debris was created.

Whitehouse made these comments while talking to Skynews. He also made it clear that the earth was once moonless, and our natural moon was formed after the collision with a planet-like object.

"We had much more than the planets we've got at the moment. Some of them got flung out into space, some of them got destroyed. In fact, the reason why we have a large moon is that the early Earth was moonless and hit by an object, the debris from the moon. Between Mars and Jupiter, it seems that small bodies were able to form but not a big planet because Jupiter's gravity disrupted it. Over time they smashed into each other to create this debris field. The interesting thing is they're not all between Mars and Jupiter," said Whitehouse, reports.

Whitehouse added that some of these space rocks will really come close to the earth one day or the other, and if a collision happens humanity will be wiped off from the surface of this planet, in the same way, dinosaurs disappeared.

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